10 Facts about Conquistadors

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Facts about Conquistadors bring the information about the first men who travelled to the new world.   The news about the new world spread in Europe. It inspired the people to search for riches and land. The treasure and gold were the main goal for Conquistadors because they were not only explorers but also conquerors. Some of them were from Spain. Check other interesting facts about Conquistadors below:

Facts about Conquistadors 1: Hernan Cortes

Have you ever heard about Hernan Cortes? He lived in 1495 until 1547. He was successful to claim Mexico for Spain. The Aztec Empire was also conquered by Cortes.

Facts about Conquistadors 2: the Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire was famous due to its richness and wealth. Therefore, Cortes tried to reach Aztec from Cuba to Yucatan Peninsula.

Conquistador Pictures

Conquistador Pictures

Facts about Conquistadors 3: Emperor Montezuma

Emperor Montezuma was the leader of the Aztec Empire. Cortes was able to kill this emperor after he could arrive safely in Tenochtitlan. It was the capital of Aztec Empire.

Facts about Conquistadors 4: Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro was another conquistador. He lived in 1478 until 1541.  The west coast of South America was explored heavily by Francisco Pizarro.



Facts about Conquistadors 5: the Incan Empire of Peru

The Incan Empire of Peru was conquered by Pizarro in 1532. Atahualpa was killed by Pizarro. He was the last emperor of Inca. Lima was the city that Pizarro established to replace Incan capital of Cuzco. He earned a lot of silver and gold.

Facts about Conquistadors 6: fighting

It was very common for a conquistador to fight with other conquistadors. Balboa was in charge for treason after Pizarro set him up. As a result, Pizarro made him mistakenly beheaded.

Conquistador Facts

Conquistador Facts

Facts about Conquistadors 7: the death of Pizarro

One of the Cortes’ captains killed Pizarro since he wanted to take his treasures and gold in Peru. On the other hand, Hernando De Soto and Francisco de Cordoba were enemies. Find facts about Colonial Maryland here.

Facts about Conquistadors 8: the native places of Conquistadors

Many Conquistadors came from the similar places. Do you know that De Soto, Cortes and Pizarro were from in Extremadura, Spain?

Conquistador Image

Conquistador Image

Facts about Conquistadors 9: the death of Native Americans

The Conquistadors and Europeans who came to the Native American land brought diseases which made many Native Americans died. Get facts about Colombian Exchange here.

Facts about Conquistadors 10: the types of diseases

The diseases that Conquistadors and Europeans brought include diphtheria, influenza, measles and smallpox.

Facts about Conquistadors

Facts about Conquistadors

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