10 Facts about Constant Velocity

Tuesday, March 8th 2016. | Physics

If you are interested to study more about physic, you have to check Facts about Constant Velocity. Have you ever heard about constant velocity before? It is one of the important subjects to learn about the movement in physic. Constant velocity is always defined when the object is moving using the constant speed in straight line. Let’s find other interesting facts about constant velocity below:

Facts about Constant Velocity 1: constant velocity joint

The constant velocity joint can be found in a car. The location of is at the end of the rear axle. The modern rear wheel drive cars and most front wheel drive cars use the application of constant velocity joints.

Facts about Constant Velocity 2: the protection

The constant velocity gaiter or a rubber boot is used for the protection of constant velocity joint in a car.

Constant Velocity

Constant Velocity

Facts about Constant Velocity 3: the accelerators in car

Acceleration and constant velocity cannot be separated. The car will be able to accelerate well if it has at least three accelerators.

Facts about Constant Velocity 4: the types of the accelerators

Can you mention the three types of accelerators in a car? Those are the steering wheel which enables the drivers to alter the director of the velocity. The second one is the brake which can alter the velocity magnitude. The last one is the foot pedal which helps the drivers to modify the velocity. Get facts about compound machine here.

Constant Velocity Pic

Constant Velocity Pic

Facts about Constant Velocity 5: the formula

There is a formula created in physic if you want to know the velocity. When the speed is divided by the time, you will know the velocity. Get facts about convection here.

Facts about Constant Velocity 6: the unchanged velocity

When the velocity is not changed, we may assume that the acceleration is in zero state. This physical phenomenon is called as constant velocity.

Constant Velocity Car

Constant Velocity Car

Facts about Constant Velocity 7: the example of constant velocity in real life

Do you know the simple example of constant velocity in the real life? You can spot it on the moving train. It will slow down before it completely stops in the station.

Facts about Constant Velocity 8: the constant speed

The moving train has the constant velocity because the speed is constant. Moreover, it has zero acceleration. Therefore, the number of velocity is not altered.

Constant Velocity Facts

Constant Velocity Facts

Facts about Constant Velocity 9: another name

Most people call it constant velocity. But some people often call it uniform velocity.

Facts about Constant Velocity 10: constant velocity ideas

The object should have a constant direction and constant speed if you want it to have to a constant velocity.

Facts about Constant Velocity

Facts about Constant Velocity

Are you interested reading facts about constant velocity?

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