10 Facts about Contemporary Dance

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Facts about Contemporary Dance inform you with the dance performance genre. Now it is one of the most popular genres in the world learned and performed by various dancers in the world. In the mid 20th century, contemporary dance was developed. The people who live in Europe and United States love with the contemporary dance a lot. Check other interesting facts about contemporary dance below:

Facts about Contemporary Dance 1: the characters of contemporary dance

The people believe that contemporary dance was developed by borrowing the styles of jazz, modern and classical dance.  There are many styles of dance that it incorporates to create contemporary dance.

Facts about Contemporary Dance 2: the similarities of modern and contemporary dance

Sometimes the terms contemporary and modern dance are used interchangeably. The contemporary and modern dances have some similarities.

Contemporary Dance Moves

Contemporary Dance Moves

Facts about Contemporary Dance 3: the contemporary dance style

Let’s find out the contemporary dance style. It has the fall and recovery, floor work and contract release. Some characteristics of modern dances are borrowed in the contemporary dance.  The strong and controlled legwork of ballet is also used on the dance.

Facts about Contemporary Dance 4: the unpredictable changes

During the performance, you can also spot that the changes related to the dancer’s direction, movement, speed and rhythm are unpredictable.

Facts about Contemporary Dance

Facts about Contemporary Dance

Facts about Contemporary Dance 5: the element of non western dance cultures

The African dances like the bent knees or even Butoh from the Japanese contemporary dances are incorporated in contemporary dance. It tries to combine the element of non western dance cultures.

Facts about Contemporary Dance 6: Merce Cunningham

The first choreographer who developed the modern dance was Merce Cunningham.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

Facts about Contemporary Dance 7: the company

In 1953, Merce Cunningham Dance Company was established. This dance company had created around 150 works. It had performed in various international occasions.

Facts about Contemporary Dance 8: the key ideas of Cunningham

There are several ideas of Cunningham related to the contemporary dance. The classical ballet technique is not rejected in contemporary dance.

Contemporary Dance Pose

Contemporary Dance Pose

Facts about Contemporary Dance 9: Choreography of contemporary dance

Even though you can find disordered look on the choreography, the technique is still perceived. It also has the simultaneous and multiple actions. Check contemporary art facts here.

Facts about Contemporary Dance 10: the performance on stage

Cunningham also paid attention on the costumes, sets and lighting. He used the creative ones. Therefore, he often collaborated with Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Find Andy Warhol facts here.

Contemporary Dance Pic

Contemporary Dance Pic

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