10 Facts about Continental Drift

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Facts about Continental Drift tell the people about the movements of continents of earth relative to each other. In 1596, Abraham Ortelius believed that the continents were drifted. In 1912, Alfred Wegener gave the full and independent concept about the continental drift. However, there were several people who rejected the theory of Wegener because of lack of mechanism. Here are other interesting facts about continental drift below:

Facts about Continental Drift 1: how the continents move

How the continents move is explained by the theory of plate tectonics using the continental drift idea.

Facts about Continental Drift 2: Antonio Snider-Pellegrini

There are two maps created by Antonio Snider-Pellegrini in 1858. The maps showed that the African and American continents were fitted together in the past.

Continental Drift Facts

Continental Drift Facts

Facts about Continental Drift 3: the shapes of the continents

The people who believed that once the shapes of the continents fitted together like Africa and South American were Antonio Snider-Pellegrini, Alexander von Humboldt, Theodor Christoph Lilienthal and Abraham Ortelius.

Facts about Continental Drift 4: the speculations related to American continent

There were speculations related to the American continent. The scientists assumed that Europe and Asia once were located in a single landmass with American continent.

Continental Drift

Continental Drift

Facts about Continental Drift 5: Wegener’s theory

The theory of Wegener was more complete even though he made it independently. There were several past authors that he cited had the similar ideas like William Henry Pickering and Roberto Mantovani.

Facts about Continental Drift 6: Frank Bursley Taylor

Frank Bursley Taylor proposed the idea about continental drift without expansion.  He believed that continental creep process occurred where the continents moved from its current position.

Facts about Continental Drift

Facts about Continental Drift

Facts about Continental Drift 7: the proposed mechanism

The idea that Taylor proposed was wrong. However, he was the first one who recognized the continental motion which led into the formation of mountain. It was realized during the collision between Asia and Indian subcontinent which led into the formation of the Himalayas. Check facts about coastlines here.

Facts about Continental Drift 8: Taylor-Wegener hypothesis

Taylor-Wegener hypothesis was used to refer the theory of continental drift developed in 20th century.

Continental Drift Image

Continental Drift Image

Facts about Continental Drift 9: the presentation of hypothesis

On 6th January 1912, Alfred Wegener was in front of the German Geological Society to present his hypothesis. He talked about Pangea which stated that the continents were from a single landmass. Find facts about cold places here.

Facts about Continental Drift 10: the continental drift

The phrase continental drift was proposed by Wegener. The continents were drifting after they were breaking apart.

Continental Drift Pictures

Continental Drift Pictures

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