10 Facts about Contraception

Thursday, March 10th 2016. | Health

Do you want to learn Facts about Contraception? You have to look at the following post. The contraception is often associated with the fertility control or even birth control.   It can be used to prevent pregnancy. You can pick the contraception in the form of devices or methods. The family planning is needed if you want to use the birth control plan. In the 20th century, the people can access the safe and effective method of contraception even though it has been introduced since the ancient times. Here are some interesting facts about contraception to note:

Facts about Contraception 1: the culture

The birth control is often discouraged because some cultures believe that it contradicts the politics, morality and religions.

Facts about Contraception 2: the most effective contraception

The birth control methods are available for men and women.   The males can have vasectomy as the most effective method. The female can have the tubal ligation.

Contraception Facts

Contraception Facts

Facts about Contraception 3: other contraception

Other types of contraception or birth control are implantable birth control, intrauterine devices, vagina rings, oral pills, injections and patches.

Facts about Contraception 4: the less effective methods of birth control

You can use the fertility awareness method, birth control sponges, diaphragms and condoms. Find facts about birth control here.

Facts about Contraception

Facts about Contraception

Facts about Contraception 5: the reversible

If you do not want reversible method, you can choose sterilization. Other methods are reversible. You can avoid the birth control by stopping the usage.

Facts about Contraception 6: condom

Condom is one of the most popular contraception methods. It can prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Check condom facts here.



Facts about Contraception 7: the sex education

In some countries in the world, sex education is introduced to the teenagers.  The people believe that the rate of the unwanted pregnancies in this age group can be decreased because of sex education. Moreover, they can access the birth control devices.

Facts about Contraception 8: the women in the developing countries

It is reported that the modern birth control method is not used by the 222 million women in the developing countries who want to avoid pregnancy. The access of birth control in the developing countries are affected by the women’s weight, assets, and earning.

Contraception Pic

Contraception Pic

Facts about Contraception 9: the economic growth

The economic growth is increased because of the access to the birth control. The women who participate in the workforce are increased.

Facts about Contraception 10: the usage of birth control as of 2009

The usage of birth control occupies around 60 percent of the married women who could have kids as of 2009.

Contraception Images

Contraception Images

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