10 Facts about Convection

Friday, March 11th 2016. | Physics

Facts about Convection elaborate the details about the way the heat is transferred. It cannot be applied in solid form. But you can use convection to transform the heat in gas or liquid. The unusual heating and cooling of liquid and gas will create circular patterns. Let’s check other interesting facts about convection below:

Facts about Convection 1: the convection current

The heat source and a fluid are needed to form convection current. Therefore, the heat transfer can be conducted.

Facts about Convection 2: convection in the atmosphere

Convection occurs in the atmosphere. The air is considered as the fluid, while the sun is considered as the heat source.

Convection Image

Convection Image

Facts about Convection 3: the convection current of earth

What about the convection current of earth? Magma is considered as the fluid, while the core of earth is called as the heat source.

Facts about Convection 4: the importance of convection

Convection is important since it can affect the weather.  The large masses of gases, liquids and solids can be moved via the circulating fluid of the convection current. The movement of tectonic plates on the earth’s crust occurs because of the convection currents. Other phenomena affected by convection currents include the production ocean currents and wind in the atmosphere.

Convection Pattern

Convection Pattern

Facts about Convection 5: the benefit of convection current

The most effective way to transfer the heat via gases and liquids is by using the convection current even though both are considered as the poor conductors of heat.

Facts about Convection 6: how to heat the room

It is easier for you to heat a room by placing a radiator or even a space heater at one side of the room. It due to the usage of convection current on the radiator. Check facts about conduction here.

Facts about Convection

Facts about Convection

Facts about Convection 7: the qualification of convection

There are several terms that you can apply to qualify convection. It can be granular, gravitational, forced, natural, or even thermomagnetic.

Facts about Convection 8: convection cell

Another term that you need to note is convection cell. People also call it Benard cell. In many convection systems, it describes the fluid flow pattern.



Facts about Convection 9: the weather

As I have stated before, the weather is affected by convection. It also affects the hydrologic and wind cycle. Find facts about conduction convection and radiation here.

Facts about Convection 10: the convection zone

Do you know that a star has a convection zone?  The convection in the range of the radii is used to transport the energy.

Convection Pic

Convection Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about convection?

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