10 Facts about Conwy

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Find out the interesting information about the walled market town and community on Facts about Conwy. The location of this town is on the north coast of Wales. It is located within Conwy County Borough. In the past, the town sat on in Gwynedd. Based on the census in 2001, there were 14,208 people who lived in this community. Get other facts about Conwy below:

Facts about Conwy 1: the popularity

Conwy is one of the most popular towns in Wales. It is visited by many people due to the amazing castle and views.

Facts about Conwy 2: the population in 2011

The population of Conwy grows from time to time. In 2011 census, the town was inhabited by 14,753 people.

Conwy Facts

Conwy Facts

Facts about Conwy 3: the common language

The common language that you will hear when you are in Conwy is Wales. People use Welsh not only as a casual language but also the official one.

Facts about Conwy 4: Conwy Castle

One of the famous buildings in Conwy is Conwy Castle. Edward I of England instructed the construction of this fortification. It was built in 1283 until 1289. Check Conwy Castle facts here.

Conwy Landscape

Conwy Landscape

Facts about Conwy 5: the oldest building in Conwy

The oldest building in Conwy is not the Conwy Castle. It is the church built in 14th century.  You can spot it at the walls of Conwy.

Facts about Conwy 6: Aberconwy Abbey

The site of Aberconwy Abbey was originally located in Conwy. Llywelyn the Great built this abbey. Maenan Abbey located at Maenan was established by the monks who were moved down by Edward and his soldiers when they captured the Aberconwy Abbey.

Facts about Conwy

Facts about Conwy

Facts about Conwy 7: Conwy Suspension Bridge

When you visit Conwy, you can find another attraction here like Conwy Suspension Bridge. Thomas Telford designed the bridge located at River Conwy. The construction of the bridge finished in 1826. The supporting towers of the bridge were designed to fit with the style of the castle’s turrets. National Trust now maintains the site.

Facts about Conwy 8: Conwy Railway Bridge

Robert Stephenson built Conwy Railway Bridge in 1849 for Chester and Holyhead Railway. It was a Tubular Bridge.

Conwy Pic

Conwy Pic

Facts about Conwy 9: Aberconwy House

Another historical building is Aberconwy House. It is located at the walls of Conwy. It was established in 14th century. Get facts about Cockermouth here.

Facts about Conwy 10: the smallest house in Great Britain

The smallest house in Great Britain is located in Conwy. The dimension of the house is 3.05 m x 1.8 m.

Conwy Wales

Conwy Wales

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