10 Facts about Cook Islands

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Facts about Cook Islands talk about the island country located in South Pacific Ocean. There are around 15 islands in the region. This country has the total land area at 92.7 square miles or 240 square km. However, it has 690,000 square miles of ocean or 1,800,000 square km of ocean for the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cook Islands. Here are other interesting facts about Cook Islands to note:

Facts about Cook Islands 1: New Zealand

Cook Islands share close relationship with New Zealand. New Zealand will handle the foreign affairs and defense of Cook Islands. But today, the country tries to apply independent foreign policy.

Facts about Cook Islands 2: the people who live in Cook Islands

Do you know that the people who live in Cook Islands are the citizens of New Zealand? However, they receive privileges because they own the Cook Islands Nationals that the citizens of New Zealand do not have.

Cook Islands Beaches

Cook Islands Beaches

Facts about Cook Islands 3: the center of population

The Island of Rarotonga is considered as the center of the population in Cook Islands. In 2011, it was inhabited by 10,572 people. This island has an international airport. The North Island is also filled with a lot of people.

Facts about Cook Islands 4: the ethnicity

The report in 2006 stated that the 58,008 people who lived in Cook Islands had Maori ethnicity.

Facts about Cook Islands

Facts about Cook Islands

Facts about Cook Islands 5: tourism

Tourism is considered as the main industry in Cook Islands.  In 2010-2011, there were around 10,000 people who came to the islands.

Facts about Cook Islands 6: other major industrial sectors

Besides tourism, Cook Islands also relay their income from fruit export, pearl, marine and banking sectors. Find facts about Cape Verde here.

Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Facts about Cook Islands 7: the geography

The geography of Cook Islands definitely affects the economy of this country. The islands have the limited manufacturing industries, foreign market isolation, limited major natural resources, and inadequate infrastructure.

Facts about Cook Islands 8: the GDP

The tourism accounts for 67.5 percent of the GDP. The section is considered as the base of the Cook Islands’ economy. New Zealand also supports the economy of the people.

Cook Islands Resorts

Cook Islands Resorts

Facts about Cook Islands 9: the language

There are several languages spoken by the people who live in Cook Islands such as Cook Islands Maori, Pukapukan and English. Check facts about Comoros here.

Facts about Cook Islands 10: the music and dances

The popularity of Christian songs is high. People love them much. However, people also like traditional songs and dances.

Cook Islands Pic

Cook Islands Pic

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