10 Facts about Cookie Monster

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Facts about Cookie Monster talk about one of the notable characters in the Sesame Street. This TV show is very famous among the children. This Muppet is known due to his famous eating phrases and voracious appetite. The notable phrases that people remember about Cookie Monster included “Om nom nom nom”, “Me eat cookie!” and “Me want cookie!” Get other interesting facts about Cookie Monster below:

Facts about Cookie Monster 1: the appetite

Cookie Monster has a very big appetite. He likes many foods such as lettuce, hot dogs, ice cream, watermelon, bananas, apples, doughnuts, cake, pizza, and cookies.

Facts about Cookie Monster 2: the most favorite food

Can you tell me the most favorite food of Cookie Monster? He really loves cookies. There is no need to wonder that he is called Cookie Monster. He believed that his actual name was Sid before he ate the first cookie.

Cookie Monster facts

Cookie Monster facts

Facts about Cookie Monster 3: the healthy food

Cookie Monster is conscious with the consumption of healthy food even though he has voracious appetite. Besides eating cookie, he also inspires the children at home to eat eggplant, fruits and other healthy foods.

Facts about Cookie Monster 4: the family of Cookie Monster

If you watch Sesame Street, you will know that Cookie Monster has a younger sister, a mother and a cousin. His father showed up in Monsterpiece Theater. He promoted water conservation, energy conservation and environmentalism.

Facts about Cookie Monster

Facts about Cookie Monster

Facts about Cookie Monster 5: the name of Cookie Monster

The name Cookie Monster was used in the first season of the show. In 1971-1972 seasons, “C Is for Cookie” was introduced. It became the signature song of Cookie Monster.

Facts about Cookie Monster 6: the allergic food

Cookie Monster is allergic to some foods like hazelnut cookies, butter cookies and peanut. It was based on the special edition of Sesame Street on Christmas Eve in 1978.

Cookie Monster Pic

Cookie Monster Pic

Facts about Cookie Monster 7: a Facebook page

There was a Facebook page of Cookie Monster created on 24th November 2010. It was used as a campaign for hosting Saturday Night Life. However, he failed in the bidding. Find facts about Chicken Run here.

Facts about Cookie Monster 8: the main performer of Cookie Monster

In 1969 until present day, Frank Oz is the main performer of Cookie Monster. But since 2001, he shares it with David Rudman, Joe Raposo, Eric Jacobson and Caroll Spinney.

Cookie Monster Image

Cookie Monster Image

Facts about Cookie Monster 9: the popularity

Due to the high popularity of Cookie Monster, there are various icons and toys of Cookie Monster produced. Get facts about clowns here.

Facts about Cookie Monster 10: books of Cookie Monster

There are several books which feature Cookie Monster such as Cookie Monster’s Christmas, Cookie Monster’s Activity Book, Cookie Monster’s Blue Book and Biggest Cookie in the World.

Cookie Monster Pictures

Cookie Monster Pictures

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