10 Facts about Cookies

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Get the interesting information about the small, baked, sweet, and floor good on Facts about Cookies. Cookies are made of butter, flour, sugar, eggs, fat, and cooking oil. It is also mixed with chocolate chips, oats, nuts and raisins. People often call the crisp cookies as biscuits in most English speaking countries, but not in Canada and United States. Here are some interesting facts that you can learn about cookies:

Facts about Cookies 1: the production of cookies

Cookies can be produced at home, small bakeries or even factories. The latter one is mass produced.  The cookies can be found in various supermarkets in town.

Facts about Cookies 2: the variants of cookies

If you want delicious cookies, you can pick the ones filled with crème. Some people also use jam or marshmallow in the sandwich cookies.  Others try to enjoy their cookies by dipping them with sweets or chocolate.

Cookies facts

Cookies facts

Facts about Cookies 3: the beverages

It will be more delicious if the cookies are served with the perfect beverages like tea, coffee or milk. Check facts about coke here.

Facts about Cookies 4: the fresh baked cookies

You can visit the coffeehouses or bakeries if you want to enjoy the fresh baked cookies. On the other hand, you can get the factory made cookies in vending machines, convenience stores or grocery stores.

Facts about Cookies

Facts about Cookies

Facts about Cookies 5: the process to create cookies

Not all cookies are baked. But most of them are baked to make the cookies crisp and soft. The baking duration determines the texture and softness of the cookies.

Facts about Cookies 6: bar cookies

The bar cookies are made of batter and other ingredients. All of them will be mixed and put inside a pan. After the baking process is done, it will be cut into cookie sized piece. The bar cookies in British English are called try bakes which include date squares, fruit squares and brownies.



Facts about Cookies 7: the pressed cookies

The soft dough is used to create the pressed cookies. Before baking, the dough will be pressed to create different decorative shapes. The best example of pressed cookie is Spritzgebäck.

Facts about Cookies 8: sandwich cookies

The pressed or rolled cooking with a sweet filling is called sandwich cookies. The famous example is the Oreo cookie with vanilla icing filling located between two chocolate cookies.

Cookies Types

Cookies Types

Facts about Cookies 9: the word cookie

The word cookie is taken from the Dutch word koekje. The meaning of this word is little cake.

Facts about Cookies 10: the origin of cookie

Some people believe that cookie was originated from Persia in 7th century AD. Get facts about Colombian food here.

Cookies Pic

Cookies Pic

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