10 Facts about Cooking

Sunday, March 13th 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Cooking talk about the art of preparing and making food. The ingredients that people use to create the food are varied depending on the regions.  There are numerous techniques that people can apply to create an amazing and delicious food. You can bake, grill or even fry the food.  The style of cooking is determined by the trends as well as the cultural traditions. Let’s check other interesting facts about cooking below:

Facts about Cooking 1: who cooks the food?

Cooking is conducted by almost all people in the world.  The professional chefs and the people at home cook their food.

Facts about Cooking 2: the presence of heat

The presence of heat is very important in the cooking process. But some people can cook their food without using heat. They relay the cooking process on the chemical reactions. For instance, lemon or lime juice is used to cook fish for the traditional South American dish.

Facts about Cooking

Facts about Cooking

Facts about Cooking 3: the invention of technologies

Now people move from the traditional cooking style into the modern one due to the invention of technology.  For instance, you can use the high end pottery to boil and hold water.

Facts about Cooking 4: the cooking ingredients

The cooking ingredients are often derived from the living organisms. The animals give the human being the dairy products, eggs and meats. The plants give us spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and grains. The yeast and mushroom are taken from fungi. Both are important in the baking process.

Cooking Pic

Cooking Pic

Facts about Cooking 5: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are important to consume by human being for they are the source of energy. You can get carbohydrates by consuming potato, arrowroot, rice, cereal flour and table sugar. Get facts about cookies here.

Facts about Cooking 6: the fats

The people can get fats from the lard, butter, flax oil, corn, grain or even vegetable oils.

Cooking Image

Cooking Image

Facts about Cooking 7: the usage of fat

The pies, cakes, and cookies are some of the baked goods created by using fats. Many cooks handle the fats with deep frying or sautéing for it needs higher heat than the boiling point of water. Check facts about Ciabatta here.

Facts about Cooking 8: the protein

You can get the high amount of protein by eating eggs, milk, offal and egg whites.

Cooking Herbs

Cooking Herbs

Facts about Cooking 9: the importance of cooking

Cooking is an important step to create the healthy and safe food. The foodborne illnesses can be prevented by cooking.

Facts about Cooking 10: the uncooked food

The uncooked food is not good for it may contain bacteria and viruses.



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