10 Facts about Cool Jazz

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If you want to get informed with the style of modern jazz music which appeared after the Second World War in United States, you have to check facts about cool jazz. It is very different from the complex and tense bebop style. It has lighter tone and relaxed tempo. You can hear the elements of classical music and formal arrangement in cool jazz. Get other interesting facts about cool jazz below:

Facts about Cool Jazz 1: the post war jazz style

The people use the term the post war jazz style to call this genre in general.  The approach used in cool jazz is more subdued.

Facts about Cool Jazz 2: the term cool jazz

People began to call the genre cool jazz in 1953. There was an album with the title Classics in Jazz: Cool and Quiet released by Capitol Records.

Cool Jazz Image

Cool Jazz Image

Facts about Cool Jazz 3: the early progenitors of cool jazz

Do you know the early progenitors of cool elements in jazz? Both were Frankie Trumbauer and Bix Beiderbecke. The former one was a saxophonist, while the latter one was cornetist. Both were mentioned by Ted Gioia and Lee Konitz.

Facts about Cool Jazz 4: Beiderbecke’s cool jazz

The cool aesthetic of jazz based on Beiderbecke’s music can be seen from the whole tone scales, unique harmony and melodic flow to maintain the strong rhythm impact and complex techniques.

Cool Jazz Facts

Cool Jazz Facts

Facts about Cool Jazz 5: the saxophone

In cool jazz, the saxophone is played in light sound. It is very different from the style of Coleman Hawkins who employed the full bodied approach.

Facts about Cool Jazz 6: Woody Herman

Woody Herman formed a band in 1947. The members of the band were baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff and tenor saxophonists Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, and Herbie Steward.

Facts about Cool Jazz

Facts about Cool Jazz

Facts about Cool Jazz 7: Four Brothers

The name of the band was Four Brothers. They created blended and coordinated performance even though all of them were the four string improvisers.

Facts about Cool Jazz 8: Modern Jazz Quartet

Modern Jazz Quartet was cofounded by John Lewis. The music was blended with classical elements. Find facts about concerto here.

Cool Jazz

Cool Jazz

Facts about Cool Jazz 9: the development of cool jazz

The development of cool jazz cannot be separated from the quintet of George Shearing. The bebop style was performed in subtle and light version.

Facts about Cool Jazz 10: the influence

The development of cool jazz also influenced other musical styles such as free jazz, modal jazz and bossa nova. Get facts about Conor Maynard here.

Cool Jazz Pictures

Cool Jazz Pictures

Are you impressed after reading facts about cool jazz?

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