10 Facts about Coordinates

Monday, March 14th 2016. | Science

Do you want to learn Facts about Coordinates? You need to check the below post. You can use coordinate to find out every location of earth.  You can use the symbols, letters and numbers to specify the geographic coordinate system. The horizontal position can be represented by the two or three of numbers. The vertical position is represented one of the numbers. Check other interesting facts about coordinates:

Facts about Coordinates 1: the options of coordinates

Elevation, longitude and latitude are some of the common options for coordinates. You will need a map projection when you want to find out a specific location on a two dimensional map.

Facts about Coordinates 2: Eratosthenes of Cyrene

Have you ever heard about Eratosthenes of Cyrene? He took the credit for the invention of the geographic coordinate system. During the third century BC, Eratosthenes of Cyrene created Geography at the Library of Alexandria. However, his work was lost.

Facts about Coordinates

Facts about Coordinates

Facts about Coordinates 3: the improvement of the coordinate system

The coordinate system of Eratosthenes of Cyrene was improved by Hipparchus of Nicaea a century later. Rather than using the solar altitude, he used the stellar measurement to decide the latitude. He also used the simultaneous timing of lunar eclipses to determine the longitude.

Facts about Coordinates 4: Marinus of Tyre

Marinus of Tyre decided to compile the mathematically plotted world map and gazetteer during the first or second century.

Coordinates Facts

Coordinates Facts

Facts about Coordinates 5: International Meridian Conference

International Meridian Conference was hosted by United States in 1884.  There were 25 nations participated in the event. During the conference, it was noted that the longitude of Royal Observatory in Greenwich English would be adopted by 22 of 25 nations which attended the conference.  It means that the zero reference line was located in Greenwich, England. At that time Brazil and France abstained, while Dominican Republic disagreed about it.

Facts about Coordinates 6: what is the latitude?

The angle between the straight line and equatorial plane is called the latitude. It can pass the center of earth. The equator is located 0 degree parallel to the latitude. The earth is divided in two sections of Southern hemisphere and Northern hemisphere due to the presence of equator. Check facts about continental drift here.



Facts about Coordinates 7: the South and North Pole

The South Pole is 90 degree S. On the other hand, the North Pole is 90 degree N.

Facts about Coordinates 8: the longitude

The angle east and west of the reference meridian is called the longitude. It will determine the Western and Eastern Hemisphere.

Coordinates Image

Coordinates Image

Facts about Coordinates 9: the antipodal

The antipodal meridian for Greenwich is 180 degree E and 180 degree W. Get facts about convergent boundaries here.

Facts about Coordinates 10: the function of longitude latitude

The longitude and altitude will enable the people find out the exact location of earth surface.

Coordinates Pic

Coordinates Pic

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