10 Facts about Copacabana Beach

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Facts about Copacabana Beach talk about the neighborhood or bairro located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Until the mid-18th century, people recognize the region as Sacopenapã. It means the way of the socos. It was taken from the Tupi language. Then the area was called Copacabana after his name of the patron saint of Bolivia, Virgen de Copacabana. Let’s check other interesting facts about Copacabana beach below:

Facts about Copacabana Beach 1: the location of Copacabana

The location of Copacabana spans from Princesa Isabel Avenue until Posto Seis.

Facts about Copacabana Beach 2: the other small beaches

Actually there are other small beaches that you can visit besides Copacabana.  You can go to the Diabo Beach. It is located in Fort Copacabana. Another one is located in Ipanema borough called Arpoador Beach. The latter one is very famous for it can indulge the surface with amazing waves.

Copacabana Beach Brazil

Copacabana Beach Brazil

Facts about Copacabana Beach 3: Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics is one of the important sport events in the world. Brazil will host it in 2016. To accommodate the people who come to Brazil, there are 10 hostels and 63 hotels in Copacabana.

Facts about Copacabana Beach 4: the location of Copacabana Beach

The location of Copacabana Beach spans from Posto Dois to Posto Seis. The former one is located at lifeguard watchtower Two, while the latter one is located at lifeguard watchtower Six. It is located at the Atlantic shore.

Facts about Copacabana Beach

Facts about Copacabana Beach

Facts about Copacabana Beach 5: the historic forts

There are several historic ports that you can find in Copacabana Beach. They are located at the end of the beach.

Facts about Copacabana Beach 6: Fort Duque de Caxias

Fort Duque de Caxias is one of the historic forts in Copacabana Beach. It is located at the north end of the beach. The fort was established in 1779. It was very old.

Copacabana Beach Pictures

Copacabana Beach Pictures

Facts about Copacabana Beach 7: Fort Copacabana

Another fort is Fort Copacabana. The location of the port is at the south end of the beach. It was made in 1914. Check facts about Box Hill here.

Facts about Copacabana Beach 8: the facilities

There are a lot of facilities that you can find facing Avenida Atlantica. Those include bars, restaurants, hotels, and night clubs.

Copacabana Beach Pic

Copacabana Beach Pic

Facts about Copacabana Beach 9: the importance of Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach is one of the most important places in Brazil. There are various prominent events held here such as FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

Facts about Copacabana Beach 10: New Year’s Eve

There are many people gathered at Copacabana Beach during the New Year’s Eve. Get facts about Cape Hatteras here.

Copacabana Beach Facts

Copacabana Beach Facts

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