10 Facts about Copenhagen

Wednesday, March 16th 2016. | Cities

The capital of Denmark is elaborated on Facts about Copenhagen. As of 1st January 2015, it was inhabited by 1,263,698 people. Therefore, it is considered as the most populous city in the country. The report in 2013 stated that there were 661.464 people who lived in the Copenhagen Municipality. Get other interesting facts about Copenhagen below:

Facts about Copenhagen 1: the location of Copenhagen

Let’s find out the location of Copenhagen. The city is located on Zealand and Amager islands. Based on the report in 2015, there were 3,894,365 people who lived in Greater Copenhagen Region which included Skåne in Sweden.

Facts about Copenhagen 2: the history of Copenhagen

In 10th century, Copenhagen was established as a fishing village. In the beginning of 15th century, it was appointed as the capital of Denmark-Norway. Get facts about Chester here.

Copenhagen Beauty

Copenhagen Beauty

Facts about Copenhagen 3: the famous architectural structures

The Rundetårn (Round Tower), Børsen (Stock Exchange), and Rosenborg Castle are some of the interesting architectural structures in Copenhagen. Many people like to visit those buildings for they represent the beauty of Denmark-Norway in the past.

Facts about Copenhagen 4: the redevelopment process

The redevelopment process was experienced by the city in 18th century because of the plague effect. Royal Theatre and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts were established after the plague. Prestigious district of Frederiksstaden was constructed to redevelop the city.

Copenhagen Pic

Copenhagen Pic

Facts about Copenhagen 5: the importance of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an important city in Denmark. As a capital city, the governmental center is located in the city. Moreover, Copenhagen Stock Exchange is housed in Copenhagen. Find facts about Chihuahua Mexico here.

Facts about Copenhagen 6: integration

Due the constructions of bridge, tunnel, railway and road, Copenhagen can be integrated to other cities. Therefore, it is easier for the people to reach Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Images

Copenhagen Images

Facts about Copenhagen 7: the landmarks of Copenhagen

Can you mention of some famous landmarks in Copenhagen? Those are Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces and Frederik’s Church. You can also spot various restaurants, nightclubs and museums.

Facts about Copenhagen 8: the clean technology

There is a plan to make Copenhagen carbon neutral by 2025.  There is no need to wonder that the clean technology is introduced in the city.

Copenhagen Facts

Copenhagen Facts

Facts about Copenhagen 9: the education institutions

You can find out several educational institutions in Copenhagen. Those are Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen.

Facts about Copenhagen 10: University of Copenhagen

The oldest university in Denmark is University of Copenhagen. It was established in 1479.

Facts about Copenhagen

Facts about Copenhagen

Are you impressed after reading facts about Copenhagen?

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