10 Facts about Copper Canyon

Wednesday, March 16th 2016. | Destinations

Facts about Copper Canyon make you learn more about the group of canyons located in northwestern Mexico. This group has 6 different canyons. If you compare the depth of Grand Canyon in Arizona with Copper Canyon, the latter one is deeper and larger.  There were six rivers drained at the western side of Sierra Tarahumara which established the Copper Canyons. Let’s find out other interesting facts about copper canyon below:

Facts about Copper Canyon 1: the rivers

The six rivers which formed Copper Canyon in the past will be emptied in Gulf California after they meet in Rio Fuerte.

Facts about Copper Canyon 2: the walls of Copper Canyon

Have you ever seen Copper Canyon? It is unique because it has green colored walls which remind you with the color of copper. Therefore, the canyon is called Copper Canyon. Get facts about Copacabana Beach here.

Copper Canyon Facts

Copper Canyon Facts

Facts about Copper Canyon 3: the species of plants

There are various species of plants that you can spot around Sierra Tarahumara Occidental region.  There are around 200 species of oak trees. It also contains 23 species of pine.  If you reach the altitude more than 8,000 feet, you can spot Pseudotsuga lindleyana or Mexican Douglas fir.

Facts about Copper Canyon 4: deforestation

It seems that the beauty of the wildlife in the area is in danger because of the risk of deforestation. Check facts about Central Park here.

Copper Canyon Image

Copper Canyon Image

Facts about Copper Canyon 5: the wild flowers

The perfect time for the people to enjoy the wild flowers in the area is after the summer rainy season. They will blossom until October. You have to reach the upper region to spot the beauty.

Facts about Copper Canyon 6: the oak trees

The oak trees can be spotted on the altitude around 1,200 meter to 2,400 meter or 4,000 feet to 8,000 feet. They are spreading around the forests.  The poplar an Andean alters will appear in the fall. They bring the brilliant look in the forest.

Copper Canyon Mexico

Copper Canyon Mexico

Facts about Copper Canyon 7: the canyon slopes

If you reach the canyon slopes, you can spot scrubby trees and brushwood. At the bottom of the canyon, you can find the palm trees and huge fig. Both need more water.

Facts about Copper Canyon 8: the human population

The human population around Copper Canyon gives high threat to the ecosystem and the indigenous culture.

Facts about Copper Canyon

Facts about Copper Canyon

Facts about Copper Canyon 9: the road

Once, the mountainous zones in the area were isolated. Now you can find roads around them.

Facts about Copper Canyon 10: the damaged ecosystem

The damaged ecosystem on the canyon is seen from the soil erosion problem, grazing, hardwood cutting and agriculture.

Copper Canyon Beauty

Copper Canyon Beauty

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