10 Facts about Coral Snakes

Thursday, March 17th 2016. | Animals

If you are interested to know a large group of elapid snakes, you need to note on facts about coral snakes. There are two different groups here. They are the New World coral snakes and Old world coral snakes. The former one has three genera. Those are Leptomicrurus, Micruroides, and Micrurus. Moreover, it has more than 65 species recognized by the scientists.  On the other hand, the Old World coral snakes only have 16 species divided in three genera like Sinomicrurus, Hemibungarus and Calliophis. Here are other interesting facts about coral snakes to notice:

Facts about Coral Snakes 1: the basal lineage

Most basal lineages of coral snakes are from Asia based on the genetic studies conducted by the scientists.

Facts about Coral Snakes 2: the coral snakes in North America

Even though most of them are originated from Asia, you can also find some coral snakes native to North America.

Coral Snakes

Coral Snakes

Facts about Coral Snakes 3: the uniqueness of North American coral snakes

The North American coral snakes can be distinguished from other coral snakes by looking at the banding. It has the black, yellow or white and red colored banding.

Facts about Coral Snakes 4: the similar coloration

The similar coloration can be found on some non-venomous species of coral snakes like in the shovelnose snakes, milk snakes and scarlet snakes.

Coral Snake

Coral Snake

Facts about Coral Snakes 5: the venomous coral snakes

Most people think that all snakes in yellow color are venomous. It is not true at all, but it applies for the coral snakes located in North America. You have to be careful with Arizona coral snakes, Texas coral snakes, and Eastern or common coral snakes in North America.

Facts about Coral Snakes 6: the different patterns

You can find different patterns of coral snakes spreading around the globe. Some of them may have the blue banding, pink banding, black or even red banding. Others may have no banding.

Coral Snake Bands

Coral Snake Bands

Facts about Coral Snakes 7: the size of coral snake

On average, the length of North American coral snake is around 91 cm or 3 feet. Check facts about British Snakes here.

Facts about Coral Snakes 8: a fin

A fin is found on the aquatic species of coral snakes.  This flattened tail will support the snake when swimming.

Coral Snake Colors

Coral Snake Colors

Facts about Coral Snakes 9: the behavior

The behavior of coral snake is reclusive. It tends to hide under the rotting wood. Check facts about California King Snakes here.

Facts about Coral Snakes 10: Micrurus surinamensis

Micrurus surinamensis is one of the aquatic coral snake species which spends most of their time in the water.

Facts about Coral Snakes

Facts about Coral Snakes

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