10 Facts about Corinth

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Facts about Corinth talk about a city in Greece. The existing settlement of Corinth was damaged by earthquake which led into the establishment of New Corinth or New Korinthos in 1858. If you are interested to reach Corinth, it is situated around 48 miles or 78 km west of Athens. You can spot the inland townlets and coastal townlets. Check other interesting facts about Corinth below:

Facts about Corinth 1: the city’s name

The name of the city is taken from the city state of antiquity, Ancient Corinth. The ancient city was recognized as Archaia Korinthos in 1858. The location of the ancient city was 1.9 miles or 3 km southwest the modern city. Due to the earthquake at magnitude 6.5, it was totally destroyed.

Facts about Corinth 2: the natural features

If you visit Corinth¸ there are various natural features that you can spot here such as the monolithic rock of Acrocorinth, Isthmus of Corinth , the Oneia Mountains, the Corinthian Gulf, the narrow coastal plain of Vocha, and the Saronic Gulf.

Corinth City

Corinth City

Facts about Corinth 3: the location of New Corinth

The New Corinth or the present day Corinth was located several km off the Gulf of Corinth. In 1928, there was an earthquake at magnitude 6.3. It made New Corinth destroyed again. But the city was re-established in the similar location. In 1933, there was a great fire in the city and it was rebuilt again.

Facts about Corinth 4: the population

In 1991, it was inhabited by 28,071 people. The population increased 8.4 percent in 2001. At that time, it was occupied by 30,434 people. In 2011, there were 30,176 people who lived in the city.

Corinth image

Corinth image

Facts about Corinth 5: Municipality of Corinth

Based on the census in 2011, there were 58,192 people who lived in Municipality of Corinth.

Facts about Corinth 6: the economy

The largest oil refining industrial complex in Europe is located in Corinth. Check Columbus Ohio facts here.

Corinth Pictures

Corinth Pictures

Facts about Corinth 7: other productions

The items produced nearby are petroleum product, copper cables, marble, ceramic tiles, medical equipment, leather, meat products, gums, beverages, mineral water and salts.

Facts about Corinth 8: the new Corinth railway station

In 2005, the new Corinth railway station was completed and it linked the city to Proastiakos.

Facts about Corinth

Facts about Corinth

Facts about Corinth 9: Korinthos F.C

Korinthos F.C is the association football team in Corinth. In 1999, Corinth Football Club and Pankorinthian Football Club merged to establish Korinthos F.C. Get facts about Copenhagen here.

Facts about Corinth 10: the notable people from Corinth

The notable people from Corinth include the revolutionary leader of Greek War of Independence named Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos, Professor of Physics at Iowa State University named Costas Soukoulis and the famous Greek actress named Irene Papas.

Corinth Pic

Corinth Pic

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