10 Facts about Coriolis Effect

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Facts about Coriolis Effect talk about the fictitious force or inertial force. It is one of the important topics to discuss in physic. The Coriolis force will act to the motion object if you check it in the reference frame in clockwise rotation. On the other hand, Coriolis force will act at the right side if the reference frame is at the anticlockwise rotation. Here are some interesting facts about Coriolis Effect to note:

Facts about Coriolis Effect 1: the theory of water wheels

Coriolis Effect was linked with the theory of water wheels in a paper created by Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis in 1835. He was a scientist from France.

Facts about Coriolis Effect 2: Coriolis Effect in 20th century

In the past, it was connected with the water wheel theory. But it was connected with meteorology in 20th century.

Coriolis Effect Facts

Coriolis Effect Facts

Facts about Coriolis Effect 3: the definition of Coriolis Effect

Can you define the Coriolis Effect? It is used to describe the deflection of an object caused by the presence of the Colioris force.

Facts about Coriolis Effect 4: Newton’s laws

The inertial condition is described as having non accelerating frame of reference. When the object is in this frame, the motion can be described by using the laws of motion by Newton.

Coriolis Effect Image

Coriolis Effect Image

Facts about Coriolis Effect 5:  the rotating frame of reference

The presence of the centrifugal and Coriolis forces is spotted when there is a transformation of Newton’s laws on the rotating frame of reference.

Facts about Coriolis Effect 6: the differences of Coriolis force and centrifugal force

Do you know the difference between the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force which applies on the Newton’s laws? The former one will apply to its square, while the latter one is applied to the rotation rate.

Coriolis Effect Pic

Coriolis Effect Pic

Facts about Coriolis Effect 7: the example of the rotating reference frame

Earth is one of the best examples of the rotating reference frame. The rotation of Earth will produce the Coriolis Effect. Then the effect will be experienced by the inertia of the mass.

Facts about Coriolis Effect 8: the Coriolis force of earth

If you think that the Coriolis force of earth is big, you are wrong. It is very small because our planet only needs one day to complete a rotation. Check facts about Central America here.

Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect

Facts about Coriolis Effect 9: the noticeable Coriolis Effect

Since the force is very small on earth, it is hard for the people to notice it. However, it is more noticeable in the water of the ocean and large scale of movement in the air because the motion is applied on the long period of time or large distance. Get facts about continent here.

Facts about Coriolis Effect 10: the horizontal deflection effect

The equator only receives small level of horizontal deflection effect, while the greater one is perceived on the areas near the poles.

Facts about Coriolis Effect

Facts about Coriolis Effect

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