10 Facts about Cork

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Facts about Cork make you learn more about cork tree or Phellodendron. There are 10 species of cork tree. All of them are included in the family Rutaceae. This plant is originated from east and northeast Asia. The people call this plant as cork tree due to the corky bark that the plant has. It has various uses. Therefore, many people decide to cultivate the cork tree. Here are the complete explanations about the cork tree to note:

Facts about Cork 1: the species of cork tree

Can you mention the 10 species of cork tree? Some of them include Phellodendron wilsonii, Phellodendron chinense, Phellodendron amurense, Phellodendron sachalinense, Phellodendron sinii, Phellodendron japonicum and Phellodendron lavallei.

Facts about Cork 2: the flowers, leaves and barks

The flowers of cork tree are clumped. They are in yellow color.   The tree also has the pinnate leaves. The bark is corky and thick.

Cork Bark

Cork Bark

Facts about Cork 3: the seeds

The seeds of cork tree have been recognized since Early Oligocene in eastern North America and Pliocene in Japan and Asia.

Facts about Cork 4: a decorative plant

Cork tree is often used as a decorative plant because the tree is for all seasons. During the winter, the cork has the winding branches and textured bark. During the spring season, the cork tree has the yellow flowers. You can get amazing foliage and shade when the summer season comes. The leaves turn into bright yellow during the fall season.

Cork Tree Pictures

Cork Tree Pictures

Facts about Cork 5: the sturdiness of Cork

Cork can be grown in various types of soils. It can resist to insects and drought.  It will be great if you can plant the cork tree in the hardiness zone at 4. Cork is easy to plant and care.

Facts about Cork 6: the thick bark

Some species of cork resemble the look of cork oak. The bark of cork is thick. In some cases, the yellow dye can be produced by the commercial cork production.

Cork Tree

Cork Tree

Facts about Cork 7: Phellodendron amurense

Phellodendron amurense is one of the species of cork trees. It is often used as a herb to create the medicine in traditional China. Find facts about coniferous trees here.

Facts about Cork 8: the scientific attention

The cork trees also attract the scientists to have research about this tree for it contains phytochemicals.



Facts about Cork 9: the function of cork

The antibacterial and anti fungal properties can be found in Berberine, while the Palmatine can be used as a vasolidator. You can have an anti-mutagenic property from Jatrorrhizine. Check facts about coriander here.

Facts about Cork 10: the birds and mammals

There are various mammals and birds attracted by the fruits of cork tree due to its high amount of sugar.

Facts about Cork

Facts about Cork

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