10 Facts about Cork City

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Are you interested to learn Facts about Cork City? You have to read the detailed post below. Cork is a city located in the province of Munster in South-West Region of Ireland. The people who live here are around 119,230 people. Therefore, it is considered as the third most populous city in Ireland. There are around 300,000 people who live in greater Metropolitan Cork area.

Facts about Cork City 1: European Capital of Culture

It was very amazing to know that the European Capital of Culture title was given to the Cork City in 2005.

Facts about Cork City 2: the channels

There are two channels passing Cork city. The channels divide the city center. The location of the channels is at the western edge of Cork City. The channels actually are the splits of River Lee which houses Cork City.

Cork City Beauty

Cork City Beauty

Facts about Cork City 3: the rebel city

Cork was called the rebel city because the people in the region supported the Yorkist during the War of the Roses in England.

Facts about Cork City 4: the real capital

The native people who live in Cork often call the city as the real capital. It gains the name the real capital because it serves as the center of anti treaty forces in the Irish Civil War period.

Cork City Facts

Cork City Facts

Facts about Cork City 5: the climate of Cork

Cork has mild and changeable climate. It is just like the rest of areas in Ireland.  However, the temperature in the city is not extreme but the rainfall in the city is abundant.

Facts about Cork City 6: the annual precipitation

The annual precipitation in the city is around 4.029 feet or 1,227.9 milimetres per year based on the record of Cork Airport.

Cork City Pic

Cork City Pic

Facts about Cork City 7: the rare temperature

It is very rare to have Cork City with the temperature above 77 degree F or 25 degree C and below 0 degree C or 32 degree F. During the winter and mornings, this city is mostly foggy. In a year, people experience 97 days of foggy days. Get facts about Copenhagen here.

Facts about Cork City 8: the sunniest city

Even though it is foggy, Cork city is considered as the sunniest city in Ireland. Every single day, the people can experience at least 3.9 hours of sunshine.

Facts about Cork City

Facts about Cork City

Facts about Cork City 9: the food

Some interesting local foods that you can try when you are in Cork City include drisheen, tripe and crubeens. You can buy vegetables, fruit, breads, eggs, cheese, meats and fresh fish in Cork’s English market. Get facts about Corinth here.

Facts about Cork City 10: education

One of the notable educational centers in Ireland is located in Cork city. The famous institutions are CIT or Cork Institute of Technology and UCC or University of College Cork.

Cork City Tour

Cork City Tour

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