10 Facts about Cornwall

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Facts about Cornwall talk about a country in England. There are around 536,000 people who live in the county. Cornwall covers the area of 1,376 square miles or 3,563 km square. You can find the Celtic Sea located at the border of the north and west of Cornwall. The county of Devon is located at the east side, while the English Channel is at the south part. Here are other interesting facts about Cornwall:

Facts about Cornwall 1: the economy of Cornwall

The economy of Cornwall was focused on the tin mining. During the High Middle Ages, it was flourished. In 19th century, Cornwall produced rich copper mines. The decline of tin and copper mines was decreased during the mid-19th century.

Facts about Cornwall 2: the other important sectors

The other important sectors in the economy in Cornwall were related to the production of agriculture and fishing. In 20th century, the tourism in Cornwall was increased to due to the railway development.

Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach

Facts about Cornwall 3: the landscape of Cornwall

You can spot the moorland landscape when you are in Cornwall. The people also note the Cornwall due to the amazing villages and long coastlines.

Facts about Cornwall 4: Cornish people

Have you ever heard about Cornish people? They live in Cornwall. People recognize them as one of the Celtic people. The history and culture of the Cornish people reflect the Celtic people.

Facts about Cornwall

Facts about Cornwall

Facts about Cornwall 5: the GDP

If you think that Cornwall is a rich county, you are wrong. In United Kingdom, it is one of the poorest counties if you check the GDP per capita.

Facts about Cornwall 6: the income of tourism

The economy of Cornwall reached around £1.85 billion in 2011. It is considered as a popular destination because of the mild climate, amazing landscape and unique culture.

Cornwall Pic

Cornwall Pic

Facts about Cornwall 7: the beaches and cliffs

You can spot a lot of cliffs and beaches in Cornwall for it is surrounded by Celtic Sea and English Channel. You can also visit the historic and prehistoric site, country garden, moorland and museums. Check Catalonia facts here.

Facts about Cornwall 8: the visitors

There are around 5 million tourists who come to Cornwall annually. Most of them are the local visitors from United Kingdom.

Cornwall Facts

Cornwall Facts

Facts about Cornwall 9: the surfers

If you are avid surfers, you can go to Cornwall for it has Newquay and Porthtowan. Both are the popular destinations for surfing.

Facts about Cornwall 10: the primary language

The primary language that people use to communicate is English. But small people speak Cornish language. Get facts about Chingford here.

Cornwall County

Cornwall County

Are you impressed reading facts about Cornwall?

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