10 Facts about Coronation Street

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Here are some interesting Facts about Coronation Street. It is a British soap opera aired since December 9th, 1960 on ITV. The creator of the program is Granada Television. People often call the show Corrie. The story of Coronation Street is related the fictional Coronation Street in Weatherfield. When you watch the program, the textile factory, newsagents, corner shop, café, the Rovers Return pub and terraced house become the setting. Get other interesting facts about Coronation Street below:

Facts about Coronation Street 1: the fictional history

Coronation Street had its fictional history. The name of the street was taken to honor the coronation of King Edward VII. In the beginning of 1900s, the street was formed.

Facts about Coronation Street 2: Tony Warren

Tony Warren was the scriptwriter who conceived Coronation Street in 1960 at Granada Television. Sidney Bernstein was the founder of the station who rejected the initial proposal of Warren. However, Harry Elton, the producer successfully convinced him to air the program for 13 episodes.

Coronation Street Cast

Coronation Street Cast

Facts about Coronation Street 3: the first broadcast

During the first broadcast, the program was widely accepted by the audiences. It was considered as the most watched program within six months.

Facts about Coronation Street 4: the longest running TV soap opera

Coronation Street was called as the longest running TV soap opera in production in the world on September 17th, 2010. During the 60th anniversary of ITV, it was broadcasted live on September 23, 2015.

Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Facts about Coronation Street 5: the story of Coronation Street

Coronation Street had strong characters and light hearted humor. People can learn the British culture from the program for it described the down to earth working class community. Find facts about Captain America here.

Facts about Coronation Street 6: the characters

There are many characters that you can find in Coronation Street since its creation in 1960. The central characters were Annie Walker (Doris Speed), Ena Sharples (Violet Carson), and Elsie Tanner (Patricia Phoenix) for the original version made by Tony Warren.

Facts about Coronation Street

Facts about Coronation Street

Facts about Coronation Street 7: the original cast

The original cast of Coronation Street stayed in the program for at least 20 years. There is no need to wonder that they were always associated with the archetypes of British soap opera.

Facts about Coronation Street 8: the social issues

There are various social issues addressed to Coronation Street. Those include arson, murder, depression, domestic violence, fostering, terminal illness, hoarding, cancer, prostitution and many more.

Coronation Street Program

Coronation Street Program

Facts about Coronation Street 9: Tony Warren

Tony Warren is the creator of Coronation Street. In 1960, he made the first 13 episodes of the program and he continued this job until 1976. Get facts about Citizen Kane here.

Facts about Coronation Street 10: Adele Rose

The longest serving writer for Coronation Street was Adele Rose. In 1961 until 1998, she created 455 scripts.

Coronation Street Facts

Coronation Street Facts

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