10 Facts about Corporal Punishment

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The physical punishment is elaborated on facts about corporal punishment. This punishment is conducted to give a physical pain for a person. Caning, paddling and spanking are some of the general methods for corporal punishment. The corporal punishment not only occurs at home. It can be found to punish the adults or prisoners. Get other interesting facts about corporal punishment below:

Facts about Corporal Punishment 1: the history of corporal punishment

Corporal punishment had been conducted since the ancient period. In most civilizations in the world, branding, mutilation or even flogging had been conducted as the official punishment for crime.

Facts about Corporal Punishment 2: the inhumane behavior

Those acts were considered as the inhuman behavior due to the development of the humanitarian ideals.

corporal punishment pic

corporal punishment pic

Facts about Corporal Punishment 3: the elimination of corporal punishment

The corporal punishment was eliminated from the system of punishment since the end of 20th century. There is no need to wonder that most developed countries do not use the corporal punishment in their legal system now.

Facts about Corporal Punishment 4: the legality of corporal punishment

The jurisdiction plays an important part related to the legality of corporal punishment in 21st century.

facts about corporal punishment

facts about corporal punishment

Facts about Corporal Punishment 5: the contexts of corporal punishment

Corporal punishment has been described in several contexts such as the school corporal punishment, domestic corporal punishment, and judicial corporal punishment.

Facts about Corporal Punishment 6: the domestic and family corporal punishment

As of December 2015, most countries in Latin America and Europe have banned corporal punishment in domestic and family setting.

corporal punishment image

corporal punishment image

Facts about Corporal Punishment 7: the school corporal punishment

Many countries in the world like New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and most European countries have banned the presence of corporal punishment in school setting. Therefore, the school administrators and teachers should never do any corporal punishment. Get facts about child support here.

Facts about Corporal Punishment 8: the form of domestic corporal punishment

Slapping, smacking, and spanking are the examples of domestic corporal punishment. In 1979, Sweden began to outlaw domestic corporal punishment. Corporal punishment by parents is considered as legal in most African nations, Asian countries and all states in US.

corporal punishment facts

corporal punishment facts

Facts about Corporal Punishment 9: Islamic legal system

The judicial whipping is employed in several countries which implement the Islamic legal system such as Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Get facts about cliques here.

Facts about Corporal Punishment 10: a hot topic

Corporal punishment is considered as one of the hot topics to discuss in the society for many parents and experts engage in a hot debate about it.

corporal punishment at school

corporal punishment at school

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