10 Facts about Corrie Ten Boom

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Get the valuable information about a Dutch Christian who gave a hand to many Jews during the Second World War to escape from the Holocaust on Facts about Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie Ten Boom was assisted by her father and family members to save the life of Jews. She was born on April 15th, 1892 and died on April 15th, 1983. Find other interesting facts about Corrie Ten Boom below:

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 1: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Corrie Ten Boom. Her birthplace was in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. However, she was raised in near Haarlem city.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 2: parents

The mother of Corrie Ten Boom was Cornelia Johanna Arnolda. In 1921, she passed away because of cerebral hemorrhage. His father was Casper. There were four kids in the family and she was the youngest one.

Corrie Ten Boom Book

Corrie Ten Boom Book

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 3: the action

Because of her action helping the Jews to escape from the Holocaust, she was imprisoned. She depicted the ordeal that she received in The Hiding Place. It was her most prominent book.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 4:a church

Boom was involved in various charitable issues. She used her home to raise the foster kids and managed a church for the mentally disable people.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 5: the invasion of NAZI in the Netherlands

NAZI invaded the Netherlands in May 1940. During the occupation of Nazi in that country, Boom’s club for young girls was banned.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 6: an event in May 1942

There was an unforgettable event in May 1942. At that time, a well dressed woman was in front of the house of Ten Boom. She informed the family that she was a Jew. She was afraid to go back to her home because she was visited by the occupation authorities.  Her son was in a hiding place, while his husband had been arrested by the officials. She asked a help from the family because she heard that the Weils, the Jewish family was helped by Ten Boom.

Corrie Ten Boom Quote

Corrie Ten Boom Quote

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 7: the chosen people

The Jews were considered as the chosen people based on a devoted reader of the Old Testament. He believed that the God’s people were always welcome in the household. Therefore, the family decided to help and hide the Jews from Nazi.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 8: the hiding place

The hiding place or de schuilplaats was started in Ten Booms for Jews. Check facts about Connor Franta here.

Corrie Ten Boom Pic

Corrie Ten Boom Pic

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 9: the rooms

There were a lot of rooms in Ten Boom. However, they had limited food. Get facts about Cornel West here.

Facts about Corrie Ten Boom 10: a secret room

There was a secret room built by Boom and her family just in case that there was a raid conducted by Nazi in the house. The secret room was located at the bedroom of Ten Boom.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts

Corrie Ten Boom Facts

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