10 Facts about Corrosion

Friday, March 25th 2016. | Science

Are you interested to learn Facts about Corrosion? You have to look at the detail post below. The corrosion is considered as a natural process which occurs on metals. It leads into the destruction of metals gradually because there is a chemical reaction between the metals and environment. This natural process occurs because the refined metal will be altered into the stable form such as in sulfide, hydroxide and oxide. Here are some interesting facts about corrosion:

Facts about Corrosion 1: the corrosion engineering

The people who want to know how to control and stop corrosion should learn more about corrosion engineering.

Facts about Corrosion 2: the reaction

Corrosion is often defined as the reaction between electrochemical oxidation with an oxidant. Sulfur and oxygen are some examples for the oxidants.

Facts about Corrosion

Facts about Corrosion

Facts about Corrosion 3: the electrochemical corrosion

One of the notable electrochemical corrosions is rusting. The iron oxides are formed in rusting. It makes the original metal in orange color due to the production of oxide and salt.

Facts about Corrosion 4: the materials

Some people think that corrosion only occurs in metals. Actually it can present in other materials like polymers and ceramic. But people often use the term degradation for corrosion on both materials.

Corrosion Pictures

Corrosion Pictures

Facts about Corrosion 5: the negative effects of corrosion

Corrosion has the negative effect because the structures and important properties of the materials are degraded.  It will affect the appearance, strength and permeability of the materials.

Facts about Corrosion 6: the alloys

The moisture in the air often makes various types of alloys corrode. But there are many other substances in the environment which may affect this natural process.

Corrosion Pic

Corrosion Pic

Facts about Corrosion 7: the method to decrease corrosion

The chromate conversion and passivation are the two common methods that people can use to decrease the activity of the exposed surface so that corrosion can be prevented. Get facts about chemical weathering here.

Facts about Corrosion 8: the marine industry

The marine industry is interested to learn more about the galvanic corrosion for it involves the metal structures and pipes which have contact with salts in the water. The galvanic corrosion is affected by the types of metals, size of anode, salinity, humidity and temperature.



Facts about Corrosion 9: how to remove corrosion

It is possible for us to remove corrosion. The rust on the ferrous tools can be eliminated by using phosphoric acid. Get facts about chemical changes here.

Facts about Corrosion 10: how to protect the metals

There are various ways to protect the metal from corrosion such as by using hot dip galvanizing and painting.

Corrosion Image

Corrosion Image

Are you impressed after reading facts about corrosion?

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