10 Facts about Corruption

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Facts about Corruption inform you with a form of unethical conduct to earn a personal benefit because of the acquired position. Embezzlement and bribery are included as forms of corruptions. When a governmental employee tries to earn personal gain or personal benefit in an official capacity, it is included in as a political or government corruption. Get other interesting facts about corruption below:

Facts about Corruption 1: the first usage of the word corruption

The word corruption was used for the first time by Aristotle. The adjective or corruption is corrupt. It has the meaning of utterly broke. This word later was used by Cicero.

Facts about Corruption 2: Stephen D. Morris

Stephen D. Morris has his own definition related to the word corruption. He defines it as an illegitimate use of public power to get personal interest. Morris was known as a professor of politics.

Corruption Pic

Corruption Pic

Facts about Corruption 3: the scales of corruption

Corruption can occur in various scales. The bigger scale of corruption is seen when it affects the government. In a small scale, it usually affects a small number of people.

Facts about Corruption 4: the common cases of corruption

Corruption is not a new thing in our society. It is very common conducted by the people. It is spotted when the public officials meet the public and they get the improper presents or gifts. Using a personal connection to get personal interest or favor is also included as a corruption.

Corruption Image

Corruption Image

Facts about Corruption 5: the grand corruption

The corruption which occurs in the highest level of government is called as grand corruption. This condition can be found in most dictatorial countries in the world. To prevent the corruption, there are many countries in the world which divide their government in judiciary, executive and legislative branches.

Facts about Corruption 6: the systematic corruption

The factors which can lead into the systematic corruption include the culture of impunity, low pay, lack of transparency, monopolistic power, discretionary power and conflicting incentives.

Facts about Corruption

Facts about Corruption

Facts about Corruption 7: the sectors of corruptions

Actually corruption is not only found in government, but also in other sectors such as private industry, public industry and NGOs. Find facts about cheaters here.

Facts about Corruption 8: the political corruption

The abuse on the resources, office and public power of the elected government officials is included as a political corruption.



Facts about Corruption 9: the police corruption

Another type of corruption is police corruption. It occurs when the police try to get the financial benefits by using his power for not investigating, pursuing or arresting criminals. Check facts about corporal punishment here.

Facts about Corruption 10: the common form of police corruption

The most common form of police corruption can be seen when they do not report the illegal activities such as prostitution and drugs by accepting money.

Corruption Pictures

Corruption Pictures

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