10 Facts about Corrymeela

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Facts about Corrymeela inform you with the Christian community in Northern Ireland. Corrymeela uses the political, religious and social healing ways to promote the peace building and reconciliation in the region.  The dialogue in the public field is encouraged by Corrymeela to solve the differences in the society. Corrymeela tries to build the society which can show high level of tolerance. Get other interesting facts about Corrymeela below:

Facts about Corrymeela 1: the programmes of Corrymeela

The programs of Corrymeela are focused on the work related to the cross community, single identity and cross border community in Northern Ireland.

Facts about Corrymeela 2: the participants in the program

How many participants are there in the program made by Corrymeela? There are more than 8,000 participants in the programs conducted at the Corrymeela Ballycastle Centre.

Corrymeela Organization

Corrymeela Organization

Facts about Corrymeela 3: the current members of Corrymeela

Now Corrymeela has 100 short term volunteers, 15 residential volunteers, 28 staff, 5,000 supporters and 150 community members. All of them support the program of Corrymeela.

Facts about Corrymeela 4: during the Corrymeela’s program

The participants of Corrymeela program will engage in various activities related to dialog. They can share different perspective and stories. Moreover, they can find the solution on how to move from violence.



Facts about Corrymeela 5: the founder of Corrymeela

Ray Davey, John Morrow and Alex Watson were the founder of Corrymeela in 1965.

Facts about Corrymeela 6: the purpose of Corrymeela

Corrymeela was founded as an organization to help the individuals and communities to solve violence and polarization during the conflict in Northern Ireland. Get facts about CAFOD here.

Corrymeela Sign

Corrymeela Sign

Facts about Corrymeela 7: the early members

The Christians in the Northern Ireland were considered as the early members of the organization. They had different background.

Facts about Corrymeela 8: a physical gathering place

Corrymeela was relocated to Holiday Fellowship Centre near Ballycastle in County Antrim because they wanted to give a physical gathering space for the community in the beginning of 1965.

Facts about Corrymeela

Facts about Corrymeela

Facts about Corrymeela 9: the award

In 1997, Niwano Peace Prize was awarded for Corrymeela because it contributed to the interreligious cooperation. It can lead in to the peace of the world. Check facts about Comic Relief here.

Facts about Corrymeela 10: the center of Corrymeela’s programs

The program of Corrymeela is focused on the families, schools, youth, international communities, and faith and life. In the youth, Corrymeela tries to give a welcoming and safe setting. In the school setting, it tries to promote the community related issues.

Corrymeela Pic

Corrymeela Pic

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