10 Facts about Corvettes

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Facts about Corvettes inform you about a small warship.  In traditional definition, it is often called as the smallest class of vessel. The weight of the corvette is around 500 tons to 2,000 tons. However, you can find the corvette in the weight around 3,000 tons for the current design. Get other interesting facts about corvette by reading the below post:

Facts about Corvettes 1: the word corvette

The word corvette is found for the first time in Middle French. The word means a small ship. It was taken from the Latin word, corbis. It means basket.

Facts about Corvettes 2: corvette captain

Have you ever heard about corvette captain? This rank is used in the navy. It is equal with lieutenant commander. In some European navies like in Italy, Spain, and France, this rank is considered as the most junior one because the warship is the smallest one.

Corvettes Pic

Corvettes Pic

Facts about Corvettes 3: the Age of Sail

There were many types of smaller warships during the Age of Sail. Corvette was just one of them.

Facts about Corvettes 4: the role of corvette

Corvette is mainly used for fighting the small wars, coastal patrol, engaging in show the flag missions and supporting the large fleet of ships.

Corvettes Image

Corvettes Image

Facts about Corvettes 5: the English navy

In 1650s, the small ships were started to be used by the English navy. However, they did not call them corvette. They used the word sloop to call the small ships.

Facts about Corvettes 6: the adoption of the term corvette

The term corvette was used for the first time in 1670s by the French Navy. In 1830s, the term corvette was started to be used by the British Navy. It was used to call the larger ship than sloop. Find facts about boats here.



Facts about Corvettes 7: the sizes of corvettes

In 17th century, most corvettes were available in the 40 to 70 tons burthen and the length at 12 to 18 meter. On a single deck, you can spot around 4-8 smaller guns.

Facts about Corvettes 8: corvette in 1800s

In 1800s, the corvette was larger for it had around 400 to 600 tons burthen and the length more than 30 meter.

Facts about Corvettes

Facts about Corvettes

Facts about Corvettes 9: corvette in the Second World War

During the Second World War, the modern corvette was used. The people used corvette to convoy escort vessel and for patrol. Get facts about canals here.

Facts about Corvettes 10: Flower class

Flower class was considered as the first modern corvettes. It was used as an antisubmarine escort for people originally built it for offshore patrol work.



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