10 Facts about Corythosaurus

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The duck billed dinosaur estimated to live around 77 to 75.7 million years ago was explained on Facts about Corythosaurus. It was or during the Upper Cretaceous Period. The name of this dinosaur was taken from Greek word. It means helmet lizard. The experts believe that Corythosaurus once lived in the present day North America. Get other interesting facts about Corythosaurus below:

Facts about Corythosaurus 1: Barnum Brown

Who was Barnum Brown? He was the man who described and named the species of this dinosaur in 1914.

Facts about Corythosaurus 2: the close relation

The experts believe that Corythosaurus is related to Olorotitan, Velafrons, Nipponosaurus and Hypacrosaurus.

Corythosaurus Skull

Corythosaurus Skull

Facts about Corythosaurus 3: the body size

The length of the skull which includes the crest is around 27.9 inches or 70.8 cm. The length of Corythosaurus is around 30 feet or 9 m.

Facts about Corythosaurus 4: the understanding of Corythosaurus

The people understand more about Corythosaurus because the specimen found is complete. In 1911, Brown collected the almost complete holotype of Corythosaurus.

Corythosaurus Pictures

Corythosaurus Pictures

Facts about Corythosaurus 5: the holotype skeleton

The missing parts of the holotype skeleton collected by Brown include part of the forelimbs and the last part of the tail. It was called as a helmet lizard because the crest of Corythosaurus reminds you with the Corinthian helmet or crest of cassowary.

Facts about Corythosaurus 6: the function of Corythosaurus’ crest

Do you know the function of Corythosaurus’ crest? Some people believe that the vocalization of Corythosaurus was functioned because of the crest. Get facts about Brachiosaurus here.

Corythosaurus Facts

Corythosaurus Facts

Facts about Corythosaurus 7: the weight of Corythosaurus

The weight of Corythosaurus is estimated around 4.21 short tons or 3.76 long tons or 3.82 tonnes. The weight was estimated by Vincent Fusco by looking at a mounted skeleton when he modeled the dinosaur under Brown’s supervision.

Facts about Corythosaurus 8:the discovery of skulls

There were more than 20 skulls of Corythosaurus which had been discovered. Most of the crest is made up by the nasals.

Facts about Corythosaurus

Facts about Corythosaurus

Facts about Corythosaurus 9: the classification

Corythosaurus in included in a subfamily Lambeosaurinae. The experts classify it as a hadrosaurid. Get facts about Ceratosaurus here.

Facts about Corythosaurus 10: the diet of Corythosaurus

Corythosaurus is an herbivore for it was an ornithopod. Corythosaurus would like to eat the youngest leaves and juiciest fruits. They were considered as the selective feeders. The fruits, twigs, seeds and conifer needles were found inside the cavity of Corythosaurus species. Therefore, the experts believe that Corythosaurus fed on them.



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