10 Facts about Cosmos

Monday, March 28th 2016. | Astronomy

Facts about Cosmos talk about the universe. The stars, planets, matters, energy, subatomic particles, intergalactic space and galaxies are included in the cosmos. In the present time, the experts believe that the diameter of cosmos is 91 billion light years or 28 billion parsecs. It is difficult to decide the size of the cosmos. People decide to create the scientific model to explain the cosmos. Let’s check some interesting cosmos facts below:

Facts about Cosmos 1: the astronomical observation

The astronomical observation has been made over the centuries. The heliocentric model on the solar system had been proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus. Then it was improved with elliptical orbit by Johannes Kepler. Then the theory of gravity was proposed by Isaac Newton. Get facts about celestial bodies here.

Facts about Cosmos 2: the Milky Way

Then the scientists realize that the Milky Way is the galaxy composed of billions of stars and solar system. Another improvement is seen when the people realize that there are many galaxies.

Cosmos Pic

Cosmos Pic

Facts about Cosmos 3: the edge or center

There is an assumption that there is no center or edge on the cosmos or universe. The distribution of galaxies is in similar directions.

Facts about Cosmos 4: the expansion of universe

The next observation is that the universe expands. The experts talk about the dark energy for it is considered as an unknown form of energy which expands the universe. Get facts about comet here.

Facts about Cosmos

Facts about Cosmos

Facts about Cosmos 5: the Big Bang Theory

The theory which describes the development of the universe is the Big Bang Theory.  It is one of the most accepted the cosmological models. The density of the energy and matter reduces when the space expands. In this theory, space and time are very important.

Facts about Cosmos 6: the age of cosmos

The age of the universe is estimated around 13.799±0.021 billion years.   The experts are still speculating about the ultimate fate of cosmos or universe.



Facts about Cosmos 7: Galileo

Around 400 years ago, Galileo looked at into the space and observed it by using a telescope.

Facts about Cosmos 8: the concept of space elevators

The concept of space elevators was proposed by a Russian rocket scientist named Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895.

Cosmos Facts

Cosmos Facts

Facts about Cosmos 9: Alan Shepherd

Alan Shepherd took the record as the first American in space. On 5th May 1961, he went into space to launch Mercury 3.

Facts about Cosmos 10: Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova is considered as the first woman on space. On 16th June 1963, she went in space with Vostok 6.

Cosmos Image

Cosmos Image

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