10 Facts about Costa Concordia

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Facts about Costa Concordia elaborate the detail information about cruise ship. The Fincantieri’s Sestri Ponente yards built this Concordia class ship in Italy in 2004. Costa Crociere is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation which operated the cruise ship in 2005 to 2012. On 13th January 2012, Costa Concordia had an accident on the coast of Isola del Giglio. Check other facts about the ship below:

Facts about Costa Concordia 1: the wrecking accident

As I have stated before, Costa Concordia was found lost at first. Then it was found scrapped at the port of Genoa.

Facts about Costa Concordia 2: the name of the ship

The ship was named Concordia because the creator wished that this ship can continue the peace, harmony and unity among the nations in Europe.

Costa Concordia Accident

Costa Concordia Accident

Facts about Costa Concordia 3: the Concordia-class cruise ships

There are several lines of the Concordia-class cruise ships. The first one was Costa Concordia, while the other cruise ships include Costa Fascinosa, Costa Serena, Carnival Splendor, Costa Favolosa and Costa Pacifica.

Facts about Costa Concordia 4: the accident

The accident of Costa Concordia which struck a rock located in Tyrrhenian Sea took place at 9:45 pm on January 13th, 2012. Captain Francesco Schettino was the commander of the ship. At that time, the weather was overcast and the sea was calm.

Costa Concordia Facts

Costa Concordia Facts

Facts about Costa Concordia 5: the location of the accident

The location of Costa Concordia’s accident was at the eastern shore of Coast of Isola del Giglio. The site was located around 62 miles northwest of Rome, Italy.

Facts about Costa Concordia 6: the flooding water

Because of the accident, Costa Concordia was flooded with the sea water. The ship lost its power and gradually sank on the water. The electrical system as well as the propulsion did not work because the engine room was flooded with water.

Costa Concordia Pic

Costa Concordia Pic

Facts about Costa Concordia 7: Giglio Island

Costa Concordia tried to reach the shallow water located around Giglio Porto. After the first impact of the accident, there was no issue to abandon the ship for more than one hour. Find facts about boats here.

Facts about Costa Concordia 8: the evacuation

Actually the people in the ship should be evacuated within 30 minutes based on the requirement of the maritime law.  The officials needed at least 6 hours to evacuate the people.

Costa Concordia Pictures

Costa Concordia Pictures

Facts about Costa Concordia 9: the passengers

The report stated that Costa Concordia was occupied by 1,023 crew and 3,299 passengers. There were 32 people died during the accident. Get facts about corvettes here.

Facts about Costa Concordia 10: the cost of the construction

The budget which had been used to cover the cost of construction of Costa Concordia was €450 million.

Facts about Costa Concordia

Facts about Costa Concordia

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