10 Facts about Costa Rica

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Facts about Costa Rica talk about a country in Central America. The official name of country is Republic of Costa Rica. It shares border with Pacific Ocean to the west, Panama to the southeast, Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island, Caribbean Sea to the east, and Nicaragua to the north.

Facts about Costa Rica 1: the population

Costa Rica is inhabited by around 4.5 million people. Around 15 percent of them inhabit the metropolitan area of San Jose.  It is the largest city and capital of Costa Rica.

Facts about Costa Rica 2: the short history of Costa Rica

In 16th century, Spain controlled Costa Rica. Before the Spanish people came to this country, the indigenous people lived here.

Costa Rica Beauty

Costa Rica Beauty

Facts about Costa Rica 3: the culture of Costa Rica

The primary influences of Costa Rican Culture are the Catholic religion as well as the Spanish culture.  They can be seen from the everyday life style of the Costa Rican people.

Facts about Costa Rica 4: the dances

The older people in Costa Rica enjoy the dances like bachata, salsa, soca, cumbia, meringue and Costa Rican swing. However, they are not popular among young people.

Cosmos Pic

Cosmos Pic

Facts about Costa Rica 5: the popular phrase

The most popular phrase in Costa Rica is Pura Vida. The meaning of the phrase is good life or pure life. The people say Pura Vida when they say hello to other people.

Facts about Costa Rica 6: the cuisine

The cuisine of Costa Rica is mostly influenced by the African, Spanish and Native American cuisines. The domestic animals and spices were brought and introduced to Costa Rica by the Spanish people.

Facts about Costa Rica

Facts about Costa Rica

Facts about Costa Rica 7: The Olympics

In 1936, Bernardo de la Guardia was the fencer from Costa Rica who made the country entered the Summer Olympics for the first time. Arturo Kinch was the skier who also brought Costa Rica to Winter Olympics for the first time in 1980. Check facts about Congo here.

Facts about Costa Rica 8: the most popular sport

The most popular sport in Costa Rica is football. In 2014, the national team of Costa Rica reached the quarter finals. In 2002, the national team became the runner up in regional CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Facts about Costa Rica 9: the literacy rate

Costa Rica is one of the countries in Latin America which has the highest literacy rate. The country has 96.3 percent literacy rate. Get facts about Cook Islands here.

Facts about Costa Rica 10: the plants and animals

There are myriads of plants and animals in Costa Rica. The country occupies around 5 percent of the biodiversity in the world.

Costa Rica Pic

Costa Rica Pic

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