10 Facts about Costco

Tuesday, March 29th 2016. | Companies

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Costco in the following post below.  There are wide arrays of merchandises that you can select when you become the member of Costco. The official name of the American company is Costco Wholesale Corporation.  It is considered as the membership only warehouse club in United States. It took the record as the second largest retailer in the world in 2015. The first one was taken by Walmart. In United States, it took the record as the third largest retailer as of 2014.

Facts about Costco 1: the base of Costco

Do you know the base of Costco? It is located in Issaquah, Washington, United States of America.

Facts about Costco 2: the brief history of Costco

In 1983, Costco established the first warehouse in Seattle. The history of the warehouse could be traced back in 1976 because it was merged with Price Club. The latter one was the former competitor of Costco.

Costco Pic

Costco Pic

Facts about Costco 3: the total warehouses

Can you guess the total warehouses of Costco? It had around 698 warehouses in November 2015.

Facts about Costco 4: the presence of Costco in the world

Costco can be found not only in United States, but also in many parts of the world like in Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Australia, Taiwan, and South Korea. There are 474 warehouses of Costco in US.

Costco Products

Costco Products

Facts about Costco 5: the reputation

The customers of Costco are always served with retail treasure hunts. Don’t be surprised if you find a diamond ring with the price at $50,000 located at the top of mayonnaise. The competitors of Costco have different strategy of marketing. Target’s has its cheap chic, while Walmart always talks about the low prices.

Facts about Costco 6: the documentary of Costco

Costco was filmed in a documentary aired in CNBC on 26th April 2012. The title of the documentary is The Costco Craze: Inside the Warehouse Giant. Get facts about Best Buy here.

Facts about Costco

Facts about Costco

Facts about Costco 7: a breakthrough in Asia

Costco tries to make a breakthrough in Asia by opening an online store in China. The company will use Alibaba Group. The announcement about this plan was made in October 2014.

Facts about Costco 8: the competitors of Costco

Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club are the competitors of Costco. There were around 81 million members of Costco in 2015.  The company had 174,000 workers.



Facts about Costco 9: the boards of directors

Some members of boards of directors of Costco are Jeffrey H. Brotman, Richard A. Galanti, Craig Jelinek, Daniel J. Evans, and John W. Meisenbach. Find facts about Coca Cola here.

Facts about Costco 10: Costco Auto

AutoNation is considered as the first largest auto seller in United States. The second place is taken by Costco in September 2015.

Costco Facts

Costco Facts

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