10 Facts about Cotton

Thursday, March 31st 2016. | Plants

Facts about Cotton tell you about the plants which produce the fluffy and soft staple fibers. The family of cotton plant is Malvaceae. It is included in genus Gossypium. The fiber is enclosed in a protective case called a boll. The origin of cotton is from India, Africa and Americas. They can be found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Check other interesting facts about cotton below:

Facts about Cotton 1: the domesticated version of cotton

The people in the Old and New Worlds had domesticated cotton plants independently. Thus, the cotton plantation can be found in various regions in the world.

Facts about Cotton 2: the notable usage of cotton

People harvest cotton for they want to sell the cotton fiber. It can be made into a textile after the fiber is spun into thread or yarn.

Cotton Pic

Cotton Pic

Facts about Cotton 3: the species of cotton

There are four species of cotton grown for the commercial productions. They are Gossypium herbaceum, Gossypium arboretum, Gossypium barbadense and Gossypium hirsutum.

Facts about Cotton 4: Gossypium barbadense

The Gossypium barbadense occupies around 8 percent of the global production. This type of cotton is originated from South America. People often call it as the extra long staple cotton.

Cotton Pic

Cotton Pic

Facts about Cotton 5: Gossypium hirsutum

Most cotton generated in the world is Gossypium hirsutum. It occupies around 90 percent of the world’s production. This species of cotton is originated from southern Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. People call this cotton as the upland cotton. Find facts about cork here.

Facts about Cotton 6: Gossypium herbaceum

The biological name for the Levant cotton is Gossypium herbaceum. The production of this cotton species is only 2 percent. It is originated from Arabian Peninsula and southern Africa.

Cotton Plants

Cotton Plants

Facts about Cotton 7: the tree cotton

The common name for Gossypium herbaceum is the tree cotton.  The production is less than 2 percent. It is originated from Pakistan and India.

Facts about Cotton 8: the pests

The chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are very important to support the growth of the cotton industry.



Facts about Cotton 9: the organic cotton

The production of organic cotton is very small since it is easier for the people to produce the cotton in nonorganic model. Find facts about corn here.

Facts about Cotton 10: how to harvest the cotton

The machine is used to harvest the cotton in Australia, Europe and United States. The people who live in developing countries pick the cotton by using hands.

Facts about Cotton

Facts about Cotton

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