10 Facts about Cotton Candy

Wednesday, March 30th 2016. | Culinary

Get the interesting information about a type of spun sugar on Facts about Cotton Candy. The people who live in New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Africa, Canada, India, Ireland, Pakistan and United Kingdom, call it candy floss, while the people who live in Canada, India, Bangladesh and United States call it cotton candy. Another term is also used in different countries. The Australian people call it fairy floss, while the South African people call it tooth floods. Check other interesting facts about cotton candy below:

Facts about Cotton Candy 1: the content sugar

The content of sugar in the cotton candy is nearly 99.999 percent.  The food coloring as well as the food flavoring is the additional ingredient to create the cotton candy. The information is quoted from New York Times.

Facts about Cotton Candy 2: how to create cotton candy

Do you know how to create cotton candy? The people made it by heating the sugar first. Then the liquefied sugar will be spun from the tiny holes. Then you can find the strands of sugar to create the cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Colors

Cotton Candy Colors

Facts about Cotton Candy 3: the typical serving

The weight of the cotton candy in the typical serving is only 30 grams or 1 ounce. The content of the final serving is mostly air. Check facts about cookies here.

Facts about Cotton Candy 4: where to find the cotton candy

It is not easy to find out the cotton candy for it is only sold in Japanese festivals, carnivals, circuses or even at fairs.

Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

Facts about Cotton Candy 5: the packaging of cotton candy

Cotton candy is served for the customers in a plastic bag, on a kebab stick or even rolled inside a paper. Get facts about cooking here.

Facts about Cotton Candy 6: the color of cotton candy

People can change the natural color of the cotton candy by adding a food coloring. The nature color of cotton candy is white. To make it more attractive, the seller often serves it in pink, purple or even blue color.

Cotton Candy Image

Cotton Candy Image

Facts about Cotton Candy 7: the origin of cotton candy

It is not easy to decide the origin of the cotton candy because many countries claim about its history. Some people believe that it was from Europe and was created in nineteenth century.

Facts about Cotton Candy 8: the price

Today, you can get the cotton candy in lowered price. In the past, it was very expensive. The common people could not get it.

Cotton Candy Tool

Cotton Candy Tool

Facts about Cotton Candy 9: cotton candy from Italy

The other people believe that the history of the first cotton candy was traced back in Italy in 15th century.

Facts about Cotton Candy 10: the machine

In 1897, the dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton invented the cotton candy machine.

Facts about Cotton Candy

Facts about Cotton Candy

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