10 Facts about Cotton Mills

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Let’s find out the interesting information about the factory used to produce cloth or yarn on Facts about Cotton Mills. The production is conducted by using the weaving and spinning machinery. The cotton is a material to produce cloth, thread and yarn. The development of the factory system was contributed by the presence by the cotton mill in the industrial revolution. Here are some facts to notice about the cotton mills:

Facts about Cotton Mills 1: the early cotton mills

The animal was used to power the earlier cotton mills. But some of them were established near the streams or rivers so that the cotton mills could be powered by the flowing or moving waters. Most of them were located in the rural regions.

Facts about Cotton Mills 2: the invention of steam engines

The growth of cotton mills was higher due to the invention of Boulton and Watt’s steam engines in 1781.

Cotton Mills Facts

Cotton Mills Facts

Facts about Cotton Mills 3: the urban areas

At first, most cotton mills were located in the rural areas.  Then they were situated in the urban regions due to the steam engine’s invention. The most notable mills were located in Manchester.

Facts about Cotton Mills 4: the machine tool

The larger cotton mills were built because of the usage of the machine tool industry. Therefore, the spinning process could be conducted easily.

Cotton Mills Image

Cotton Mills Image

Facts about Cotton Mills 5: Manchester

Manchester was considered as a commercial city because of the development of cotton mills. The urban population was expanded because the cotton mills needed more workers.

Facts about Cotton Mills 6: the child labor

The women and girls worked in the cotton mills. They also employed the child labor.

Cotton Mills Pic

Cotton Mills Pic

Facts about Cotton Mills 7: Factory Acts

The Factory Acts were passed in England to regulate the cotton mills for most of them provided the labors with poor conditions.

Facts about Cotton Mills 8: the spread of cotton mill

At first, the development of cotton mill was considered as a part of a Lancashire phenomenon. Then it spread to New England and southern states in America. Check facts about cotton fabric here.

Cotton Mills

Cotton Mills

Facts about Cotton Mills 9: the risk

The main risk in the main cotton mills was the fire. In 1790s, the fireproof building in the cotton mill was built. Get facts about cotton here.

Facts about Cotton Mills 10: the construction of the fireproof building

The beams and columns in the fireproof cotton mills were made in cast iron.  Some mills were equipped with timber construction.

Facts about Cotton Mills

Facts about Cotton Mills

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