10 Facts about Cougars

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Check out the large felid on Facts about Cougars. This wild animal is originated from Americas. It is included in the subfamily Felinae. The common name for cougars is panther, puma, catamount, or even mountain lion. The scientific name is Puma concolor. If you compare the size of cougars with the wild terrestrial mammals in the western hemisphere, the former is the greatest. They can be found living in the southern Andes in South America to Canadian Yukon. Here are the impressed details about cougars:

Facts about Cougars 1: the heavy cat

Cougar is a cat. Talking about the weight, it is lighter than jaguar for the latter animal is considered as the heaviest cat in the New World. Cougar takes the second heaviest cat.

Facts about Cougars 2: where to find cougars

Most American habitats are occupied by cougars. They are considered as the generalist and adaptable animals.

Cougar Pic

Cougar Pic

Facts about Cougars 3: the lifestyle of cougars

Cougars are active when the dark comes. Therefore, it is included as a nocturnal animal. However, some people also spot cougars active in the daylights.

Facts about Cougars 4: the food for cougars

Deer is considered as the main foods for cougars even though they also like to eat livestock. The cats are considered as strong predators. When the deer is scarce, they will hunt for smaller animals such as rodents and insects.



Facts about Cougars 5: the habitats

Cougars like to live in the rocky areas and lush underbrush. They choose the habitats for they are suitable for stalking the prey. But some of them like to live in open regions.

Facts about Cougars 6: the territorial animals

Cougar is included as one of the territorial animals in the world. The number of prey, vegetation and terrain will affect the size of the individual territory.

Cougar Facts

Cougar Facts

Facts about Cougars 7: the relationship of cougars and humans

It is very rare to spot human being attacked by cougars because most of them have the reclusive behavior. They tend to avoid human beings. However, the number of human being attacked by cougars is increased because human beings try to enter the territory of cougars.

Facts about Cougars 8: the height of cougars

If you measure the height of the cougars at the shoulders, they are around 24 to 35 inches or 60 to 90 m centimeter. Get facts about cat’s eyes here.



Facts about Cougars 9: the weight

The average weight of male cougar is around 137 lbs or 62 kilogram. The female has the weight at 93 lbs or 42 kilogram. Check facts about cats here.

Facts about Cougars 10: the coat color

The color of cougar’s coat is reddish, silver grey and tawny. The underbody of cougar has the lighter patches.

Facts about Cougars

Facts about Cougars

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