10 Facts about Coughing

Friday, April 1st 2016. | Medical

Facts about Coughing in the following post will help you to understand more about the repetitive occurring reflect on the passages of breathing. It occurs because of the presence of microbes, foreign particles, irritants or even secretions. The people who have coughing feel desperate and uncomfortable when they have to inhale and exhale the oxygen. Here are the other interesting facts to note about coughing.

Facts about Coughing 1: the three phases of cough reflex

Do you know the three phases of coughing reflex? The first one is an inhalation. The next phase is the forced exhalation that you have to do because the glottis is closed. The last phase is related to the rough release of air from the lungs after the glottis is open. When you do the third phase, the distinctive sound is produced.

Facts about Coughing 2: is it involuntary?

If you think that coughing is always involuntary, you are wrong. It may come in voluntary stage.

Coughing Facts

Coughing Facts

Facts about Coughing 3: the presence of diseases

If you have frequent coughing, you have to be careful because the breathing system is affected by the disease.

Facts about Coughing 4: the causes of coughing

Coughing can be caused by the bacteria or even viruses. They will get advantages by making the host to cough. It can spread and infect the illness to the new host.

Coughing Image

Coughing Image

Facts about Coughing 5: the other causes of coughing

If the coughing is irregular, probably you have an infection located on the respiratory tract. The lung tumors, bronchitis, a certain medication, heart failure, post nasal drip, gastroesophageal reflux disease, asthma, air pollution, choking, and smoking can trigger coughing too.

Facts about Coughing 6: how to treat coughing

If you want to treat coughing appropriately, you have to note the cause and try to fix it. If the coughing is caused by the medication, you can stop it and change it with another prescribed medication.

Coughing Pic

Coughing Pic

Facts about Coughing 7: the primary cough suppressant

Dextromethorphan or codeine is the primary cough suppressants prescribed by the doctors. Get facts about codeine here.

Facts about Coughing 8: the classification of cough

There are several factors which can be used to classify the cough. The experts will see coughing from its timing, quality, character, and duration.



Facts about Coughing 9: the subacute coughing

If the coughing presents for around 3 to 8 weeks, it is considered as a subacute one.

Facts about Coughing 10: the chronic coughing

The people who experience the frequent coughing for more than 8 weeks have the chronic coughing. Find facts about chronic disease here.

Facts about Coughing

Facts about Coughing

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