10 Facts about Count Basie

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If you are always attracted with jazz music, you have to read Facts about Count Basie. This man was not only a jazz pianist. He was also a bandleader, organist and composer. He was born on 21st August 1904 as William James Basie. He died on 26th April 1984. Basie learned how to play piano from his mother. During his teen age, he began to perform in public. Check other facts about Basie below:

Facts about Count Basie 1: a dropped out student

Basie did not finish his formal education. He was a dropped out student. After he left school, he decided to operate lights for vaudeville. He had a better life when Basie was 16 years old. He was invited in resorts, parties and venues to play piano.

Facts about Count Basie 2: a better career

Basie had a better career as a musician after he decided to relocate to Harlem in 1924. He performed in various jazz cities like Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago with groups in tours.

Count Basie Facts

Count Basie Facts

Facts about Count Basie 3: Bennie Moten’s band

Basie became a member of Bennie Moten’s band in 1929. In 1935, Moten died. Then Basie decided to create his own band. The band had the first recording after Basie and his band reached Chicago in 1936.

Facts about Count Basie 4: the leader of the group

Do you know that the leader of the group for almost 50 years was Basie? As a leader, Basie was very creative since he created the fabulous and charming invention in the music of the band.

Facts about Count Basie

Facts about Count Basie

Facts about Count Basie 5: the innovations

Some of the innovations that Basie had for the band included the usage of arrangers to widen the sound, the focus on the rhythm section, and the application of two split tenor saxophones.

Facts about Count Basie 6: the musicians

Basie trained some musicians who gained fame under his direction. Some of them included the singer Jimmy Rushing, the trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison, the guitarist Freddie Green, and the tenor saxophonist Herschel Evans. Get facts about Cool Jazz here.

Count Basie Pictures

Count Basie Pictures

Facts about Count Basie 7: the theme songs of Basie

Can you mention the theme songs of Basie? In 1935, “One O’Clock Jump” was developed. It was the theme song in the early years of the band. Then the band used “April in Paris” as the theme song.

Facts about Count Basie 8: the parents of Basie

The father of Basie was Harvey Lee Basie.  His mother was Lillian Basie. His mother could play piano, while his father liked to play mellophone.

Count Basie Pic

Count Basie Pic

Facts about Count Basie 9: the first piano lesson

Basie received the first piano lesson from his mother. She earned the living by baking cakes and taking laundry. Check facts about Coolio here.

Facts about Count Basie 10: the Count Basie Theatre

To honor Count Basie, there were several buildings and streets named after him. Some of them are Mechanic Street, the Count Basie Theatre and Paul Robeson Boulevard and Count Basie Place.

Count Basie Pianist

Count Basie Pianist

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