10 Facts about Count Dracula

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Get the interesting information about the primary antagonist character in the novel Dracula on Facts about Count Dracula. The novel is timeless. The author is Bram Stoker. It was published in 1897. This gothic novel focused on the life of Count Dracula. Based on the novel, Count Dracula was connected to the werewolf legend. Here are other facts to note about Count Dracula:

Facts about Count Dracula 1: the inspiration

Even though Count Dracula is only a fictional character, the people believe that some aspects of Count Dracula were inspired from Vlad III the Impaler. He was a Wallachian Prince and a Romanian General in 15th century. This man was also recognized as Dracula.

Facts about Count Dracula 2: the popularity of Count Dracula

Count Dracula is considered as an icon until this present. It has been depicted in various movies, novels, and stories.

Count Dracula Facts

Count Dracula Facts

Facts about Count Dracula 3: an epistolary tale

Have you ever read the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker before? There were several narrators in the novel which talked about the power, weaknesses, characteristics and abilities of Count Dracula.

Facts about Count Dracula 4: who is Count Dracula?

Count Dracula is depicted as nobleman from Transylvania. He was an undead old vampire who had lived for centuries. He lived in Carpathian Mountains near the Borgo Pass inside his damaging castle.

Count Dracula Film

Count Dracula Film

Facts about Count Dracula 5: the different physical description

Count Dracula had a very different physical portrayal. He had the aristocratic charm.  The vampires are often depicted like a corpse in most European folklore. But Count Dracula was unique and stylish. Find facts about Chica here.

Facts about Count Dracula 6: the view of Count Dracula in modern times

During the modern times, Count Dracula believed that people only memorized him because of his valor, honor and heroism.

Count Dracula Movie

Count Dracula Movie

Facts about Count Dracula 7: the early life

We do not know much about the early life of Count Dracula. He was probably as alchemist, a statesman or even a soldier.

Facts about Count Dracula 8: the education

It was recognized that Count Dracula had a great knowledge about magic and alchemy. He was enrolled in academy of Scholomance in the Carpathian Mountains to learn about black arts. Get facts about Cookie Monster here.

Facts about Count Dracula

Facts about Count Dracula

Facts about Count Dracula 9: voivode

Count Dracula gained a status as a voivode.  He was the leader of soldiers against the Turks.

Facts about Count Dracula 10: as a vampire

When he died, Dracula was buried in his castle. He came alive as a vampire.

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