10 Facts about Counter Strike

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If you like video game, it is recommended for you to check Facts about Counter Strike. Have you ever heard about this first person shooter video game? People also call it Half Life: Counter-Strike.  Valve Corporation is the developer of Counter Strike. Before the intellectual property of the game was acquired, Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe released and developed it as a Half-Life modification.  Get other interesting facts about Counter Strike below:

Facts about Counter Strike 1: the first release

Let’s find out the first release of Counter Strike. In 2000, Valve Corporation released Counter Strike on Microsoft Windows platform.

Facts about Counter Strike 2: a franchise

Due to the popularity of Counter Strike, it was made into a franchise. The first installment is very successful in the market. Check facts about computer games here.

Facts about Counter Strike

Facts about Counter Strike

Facts about Counter Strike 3: the remakes

Counter Strike is also released in remakes. It is also released in Linux, OS X, and Xbox console.

Facts about Counter Strike 4: Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 is the name of the title of the remake. Therefore, the people can differentiate it with the other titles. It is used as the last major software update on Counter Strike. Find facts about COD here.

Counter Strike Image

Counter Strike Image

Facts about Counter Strike 5: the locations of Counter Strike

There are many locations around the world used as the setting in Counter Strike.

Facts about Counter Strike 6: the players in Counter Strike

If you access Counter Strike, you will become the player. Your role is as a member of a combating team hired by the government. The main job is to fight against the numerous terrorist militants which opposed the counter terrorist forces of the government.

Counter Strike Game

Counter Strike Game

Facts about Counter Strike 7: the round of the game play

The round in the game is characterized by the presence of two teams. You have to defeat the other team. At the beginning of the game play, the player is allowed to modify the weapons and accessories.

Facts about Counter Strike 8: the role of the players

When you play Counter Strike, you can choose your own role. You can choose to become a spectator, a member of the counter terrorist team or as a member of terrorist team.

Counter Strike Facts

Counter Strike Facts

Facts about Counter Strike 9: cheating

Since the first release of Counter Strike, it has become a target for cheating. The client tries to hack Counter Strike. Therefore, the VAC or Valve Anti-Cheat is applied by the developer.

Facts about Counter Strike 10: the review

The review about Counter Strike since its release is positive. People love it much.

Counter Strike Pictures

Counter Strike Pictures

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