10 Facts about Counterfeit Money

Saturday, April 2nd 2016. | Economy

One of the important problems in the economy is explained on Facts about Counterfeit Money. Have you ever heard about counterfeit money before? It is considered as a form of a forgery or even fraud if you produce or even use the counterfeit money.  This type of money is produced without the legal sanction from the government or state. Therefore, it is only imitation money. Let’s find other interesting facts about counterfeit money below:

Facts about Counterfeit Money 1: the history of counterfeit money

If you think that counterfeit money only occurs in modern era, you are wrong.  The history of counterfeit money can be traced back on the first western coins. At that time, the Lydian coins were copied.

Facts about Counterfeit Money 2: the coins

In the past, people used the coins as a form of money before the paper was invented. One way to create the counterfeit money of coins is by mixing silver or gold with base metal. Get facts about compound interest here.

Facts about Counterfeit Money

Facts about Counterfeit Money

Facts about Counterfeit Money 3: during the Second World War

Counterfeit money also took place during the Second World War. At that time, the American dollars and British pound sterling were forged by Nazi.

Facts about Counterfeit Money 4: the Superdollar

The Super dollar is a term used to call the finest counterfeit banknotes. It has perfect resemblance with the US dollar because of the high quality. Check coin facts here.

Counterfeit Money Pictures

Counterfeit Money Pictures

Facts about Counterfeit Money 5: counterfeit money and Euro banknotes

The number of counterfeit money US dollar is higher than the Euro counterpart. In 2002, Euro was launched and it made the criminals interested to forge it.

Facts about Counterfeit Money 6: the negative effect of counterfeit money

Counterfeit money brings the negative impact to the society because it can improve the inflation, reduce the acceptability of the paper money and decrease the value of the real money.

Counterfeit Money Pic

Counterfeit Money Pic

Facts about Counterfeit Money 7: how to measure the quality counterfeit money

The people can check the detail of the intaglio printing and fine quality of the money to decide whether it is counterfeit money or not. It is considered as the traditional way.

Facts about Counterfeit Money 8: the paper money

In 13th century, the paper money was introduced in China. The money was made of the wood of the mulberry trees. The counterfeiters would receive death sentence. The mulberry forest was protected by the guards.

Counterfeit Money Facts

Counterfeit Money Facts

Facts about Counterfeit Money 9: the counterfeit copper coins

There were several ships in Brazil with American flags caught taking the counterfeit copper coins in 1834.

Facts about Counterfeit Money 10: counterfeit money in Hungary

There was a prominent case of counterfeit money in Hungary in 1926. These people tried to create the counterfeited French 1000-franc bills with the worth at 10 million francs in Hungary.

Counterfeit Money Image

Counterfeit Money Image

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