10 Facts about Country Music

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Facts about Country Music inform you with one of the popular genres in American music. The origin of country music is taken from the southeastern genre of Western music and American folk music. In the recorded history of country music, you can find the blue mode used as one of the prominent characters. It also employs the string musical instrument to create the beautiful and simple melodies. Check other interesting facts about country music below:

Facts about Country Music 1: the musical instruments in country music

Some of the musical instruments in country music include electric guitars, banjos, harmonicas, dobros, acoustic guitars and fiddles. You can also spot the presence of the simple dance tunes and ballads in the country music.

Facts about Country Music 2: the popularity of country music

In 1940s, the country music received increased popularity. At first, the people call it hillbilly music.

Country Music Facts

Country Music Facts

Facts about Country Music 3: the country music in the present day

In the present day, people describe the country music using various subgenres and styles.

Facts about Country Music 4: the origin

Let’s find out a brief history of the origin of country music. It was from the white working class American people who blended the folk music with traditional ballads, Celtic fiddle tunes, Irish music, popular songs and other traditional music styles.

Country Music Pic

Country Music Pic

Facts about Country Music 5: country music in 2009

The country music is considered as the second most listened song in the radio during the morning commute in United States in 2009. During the evening commute, it took the first most listened song.

Facts about Country Music 6: who brought the European instrument and music to North America?

Do you know the people who brought the European instruments and music to North America? They were the immigrants of Southern Appalachian Mountains. They introduced the music and instruments around 300 years ago.

Facts about Country Music

Facts about Country Music

Facts about Country Music 7: the first generation of country music

In the beginning of 1920s, people were introduced with the first generation of country music. In 1923, the hillbilly music record by Fiddlin’ John Carson was launched by Okeh Records. In 1924, Old Familiar Tunes were launched by Columbia Records. Get facts about Cody Simpson here.

Facts about Country Music 8: the importance of radio

Radio was considered as the most important source of entertainment in the second generation of country music. The country music was listened to by all people in the south, west or even north because of radio.

Country Music Singer

Country Music Singer

Facts about Country Music 9: the third generation

In 1950s until 1960s, the third generation of country music began. The famous musicians included Earl Scruggs, Lester Flatt and Bill Monroe. Check facts about Count Basie here.

Facts about Country Music 10: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is considered as one of the famous female country singers today. She receives a lot of awards and nominations.

Country Music Image

Country Music Image

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