10 Facts about County Mayo

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Check the interesting county in Ireland on Facts about County Mayo. The name of the county is derived from Mayo Abbey. It is a village of Mayo. County Mayo is included in Connacht province, West of Ireland. The local authority in County Mayo is called Mayo County Council. In 2011, the county was occupied by 130,638 people. Get other interesting facts about County Mayo below:

Facts about County Mayo 1: the boundaries of County Mayo

The County Galway borders it at the south, while County Roscommon shares the border at the east. The Atlantic Ocean is seen to the north and west. County Sligo is spotted on the northeast.

Facts about County Mayo 2: the area and population of Country Mayo

Based on the population of the county, it takes the 15th largest one.  If you check it based on the area, it is considered as the third largest county. Actually Ireland has 32 counties.

County Mayo Beauty

County Mayo Beauty

Facts about County Mayo 3: Connacht

There are five counties in Connacht. County Mayo is one of them. It is considered as the second largest one based on its population and area.

Facts about County Mayo 4: the north and south parts of County Mayo

The geographical difference can be seen on the south and north parts of County Mayo. You can spot the limestone landscape on the south area. The poor subsoil is found on the north part. Therefore, the people in the south can focus their economy on agriculture.

County Mayo Facts

County Mayo Facts

Facts about County Mayo 5: the salmon fishing

If you are interested with salmon fishing, you can go to the northeast of County Mayo for it has River Moy.

Facts about County Mayo 6: the highest point

Do you know the highest point in County Mayo?  It is located in Mweelrea. It has the height at 2,671 feet or 814 meter.

County Mayo Image

County Mayo Image

Facts about County Mayo 7: the northwest area of County Mayo

Some of the significant renewable energy resources in Europe are located in the northwest areas of County Mayo. You can find the hydroelectric, ocean wave, tidal and wind energy resources.

Facts about County Mayo 8: Mayo County Council

The local government in County Mayo is at the hand of Mayo County Council. The responsibility of the council is related to the environment, culture, amenity, urban planning, transpiration, road, and development. Get facts about Armagh here.

County Mayo Pictures

County Mayo Pictures

Facts about County Mayo 9: the municipal areas

There are four municipal areas in County Mayo. Those are West, Claremorris, Ballina and Castlebar.

Facts about County Mayo 10: the center of the population

The center of the population in County Mayo is located at Áras an Contae in Castlebar. Get facts about County Down here.

Facts about County Mayo

Facts about County Mayo

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