10 Facts about Courage

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Let’s find the interesting ideas about valour, bravado or even bravery on Facts about Courage. The people who have high level of courage will try to fight against the intimidation, pain, danger, agony and uncertainty.  Not all people have great courage. There is no need to wonder that there is an award given to the person who has inspiring courage. Check other interesting facts about courage below:

Facts about Courage 1: the types of courage

There are two types of courage. Both are the moral courage and physical courage.

Facts about Courage 2: the moral courage

You have great moral courage if you can face the scandal, personal loss, shame, opposition and discouragement.

Courage Facts

Courage Facts

Facts about Courage 3: the physical courage

The threat of death, death, physical pain and hardship are some elements related to the physical courage.

Facts about Courage 4: the thoughts of courage

Courage is not a new thing to learn because there are many western philosophers who have discussed it. The thinkers or scholars like Aquinas, Plato, Aristotle, Kierkegaard and Socrates had talked about courage. Tao Te Ching was an Eastern thinker who discussed courage. Get facts about child development here.

Courage Images

Courage Images

Facts about Courage 5: the lion

Courage is often connected with the lion. The person who has great level of courage is often compared with a person who can tame a ferocious lion.

Facts about Courage 6: Edelstam Prize

The person who has great courage to defense the human right can receive the Edelstam Prize.

Facts about Courage

Facts about Courage

Facts about Courage 7: the military award

The courage to fight against the enemy cane owned by the members of the armed forced in the British army or commonwealth army. They can get the Victorian cross. It is considered as the highest military award. Get facts about combat here.

Facts about Courage 8: the Medal of Honor

Have you ever heard about the Medal of Honor? The United States government gives it as the highest military decoration for the brave members of armed forces of US.



Facts about Courage 9: other bravery awards

The other awards who appreciate courage include The Profile in Courage Award, Distinguished Service Cross, The Ivan Allen Jr. Prize, The Carnegie Hero Fund, The Param Vir Chakra and Courage to Care Award.

Facts about Courage 10: Plato

Plato had his own idea related to courage. He was one of the early Greek philosophers who set the definition of courage.

Courage Image

Courage Image

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