10 Facts about Courtly Love

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If you are interested to know about the conception of love which focuses on the chivalry and nobility, you need to check Facts about Courtly Love. It was often conducted during the middle ages in Europe. There is no need to wonder that many ladies asked for different kinds of services from the knights due to the courtly love. Moreover, the knights often engaged in various kinds of adventures to get his lady. Let’s check other interesting facts about courtly love below:

Facts about Courtly Love 1: the origin of courtly love

At first, courtly love was used by the people as a part of their literary fiction.  The nobility was entertained due to the presence of courtly love in the fiction. Then many spectators were attracted to watch courtly love scene. Get facts about cavaliers here.

Facts about Courtly Love 2: an element of social practice

Courtly love is considered as an element of social practice. People often called it as a game of love.

Facts about Courtly Love

Facts about Courtly Love

Facts about Courtly Love 3: the beginning of courtly love practice

Do you know the beginning of the courtly love’s practice? It was started in 11th century in Norman Champagne, Provence, Aquitaine and ducal Burgundy.

Facts about Courtly Love 4: the popularity of the term courtly love

Gaston Paris took the credit as the first man who made the term courtly love popular. After its popularity, people use the term courtly love in many uses and definitions.

Courtly Love

Courtly Love

Facts about Courtly Love 5: Eleanor of Aquitaine

The idea of courtly love was introduced by the Eleanor of Aquitaine in the court of France. Then she took the idea into England. She had the ideal interpretation of courtly love. Do you know that Eleanor of Aquitaine became the wife of two kings?

Facts about Courtly Love 6: Countess of Champagne

Countess of Champagne was Marie. Her mother was Eleanor of Aquitaine. She introduced the courtly love practice in the court of Count of Champagne.

Courtly Love Pictures

Courtly Love Pictures

Facts about Courtly Love 7: troubadours

One of the first troubadour poets was Duke of Aquitaine. He was William IX.  The troubadour poet was famous of making the lyric poem to express the courtly love.

Facts about Courtly Love 8: the ideal lady

If you check the poem created by the troubadours, they had their own perception about the ideal lady. She must have higher status, powerful lady, wealthy lady or even the wife of the lord.

Courtly Love Image

Courtly Love Image

Facts about Courtly Love 9: the nobles

The nobles sometimes used courtly love as an expression of love that they did not get from the marriage.

Facts about Courtly Love 10: the emotional loving

The courtly love focused more on the emotional loving rather than sex. Get facts about being in love here.

Courtly Love Facts

Courtly Love Facts

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