10 Facts about Courtney Love

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Get the interesting information about the American musician, visual artist and actress on Facts about Courtney Love. She was born on 9 July 1964. Her birth name is Courtney Michelle Harrison. But she chooses Courtney Love as the stage name. Love was famous in 1990s due to her amazing grunge and punk scenes. Check other facts about Love below:

Facts about Courtney Love 1: the public attention

Love earned the wide public attention after she employed the confrontational lyrics, publicized personal life, and amazing stage performance.

Facts about Courtney Love 2: Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain is also a musician. When he married Love, the public focused more on the couple’s personal life. It increased the popularity of Love.

Courtney Love Facts

Courtney Love Facts

Facts about Courtney Love 3: parents

Her parents are Hank Harrison and Linda Carroll. During her early life, Love had to live non-permanently. However, she spent more of her early life in California and Oregon.

Facts about Courtney Love 4: the band

Hole was a band formed by Love in 1989. Kim Gordon produced the debut album of Hole after it earned the significant attention from the underground rock press.

Facts about Courtney Love

Facts about Courtney Love

Facts about Courtney Love 5: the second album

In 1994, Love through This was released in the market. It was the second album of Hole.  The album was widely received by the public. It earned multi platinum and critical accolades.

Facts about Courtney Love 6: acting

As I have stated before, Love was also an actress. Due to her performance in Miloš Forman’s The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996), she was nominated in Golden Globe Award.

Courtney Love Image

Courtney Love Image

Facts about Courtney Love 7: the third album

The third album of Hole was Celebrity Skin. It was released in 1998. This album was very successful. There is no need to wonder that Love got several Grammy Award nominations.

Facts about Courtney Love 8: the first solo album

In 2004, Love had her first solo album. The title was America’s Sweetheart. She and Hole released the next album in 2010 under the title Nobody’s Daughter. In the beginning of 2014, she released her solo single. Check facts about Chief Keef here.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love

Facts about Courtney Love 9: the work as an actress

You can see her return to acting by working in some TV series. She also appeared in Trapped (2002) and Man on the Moon (1999).

Facts about Courtney Love 10: substance abuse

When she 19 years old, she started to use cocaine. In the early adult years, Love consumed opiates. Get facts about China Anne McClain here.

Courtney Love Pic

Courtney Love Pic

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