10 Facts about Couscous

Wednesday, April 6th 2016. | Culinary

If you like to study various cuisines in the world, you have to check Facts about Couscous. The people identify it as a type of Berber dish from North Africa. It is made of semolina created in small steamed balls. The top of the dish will be decorated with a stew. Have you ever eaten Couscous before? This dish is very popular in North Africa. Let’s check other interesting facts about Couscous below:

Facts about Couscous 1: a staple food

The people who live in North Africa consider Couscous as their staple food. There is no need to wonder that the people in Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania like to eat it.

Facts about Couscous 2: the original name of Couscous

Couscous is taken from the word seksu. It is a Berber word which means rounded, well formed or well rolled.

Couscous Food

Couscous Food

Facts about Couscous 3: the brief history of Couscous

It is not easy to find out the origin of couscous. It was believed that the preparation of couscous was between 238 and 149 BCE by the Berbers.

Facts about Couscous 4: the national dish

Due to the importance of couscous, it is called as the national dish of North Africa. But the people who live in Central Africa and Western Africa like to enjoy couscous.

Couscous Facts

Couscous Facts

Facts about Couscous 5: couscous in Turkey

Couscous is also famous in Turkey. Most people in southern provinces of Turkey like to eat it. In 16th century, couscous was introduced to Turkey from Syria.

Facts about Couscous 6: the ingredient

Millet is considered as the original ingredient of couscous. However, it was replaced by wheat in 20th century. However, many people still use millet to create couscous.

Couscous Pictures

Couscous Pictures

Facts about Couscous 7: the properly cooked couscous

If you try to create couscous at home, make sure that it has fluffy and light texture.  If the texture is gritty, it is not well cooked.

Facts about Couscous 8: the instant couscous

If you do not want to be involved in complicated preparation to cook couscous, you can buy the instant couscous. It is sold in different kinds of western supermarkets. You just have to add hot water on the couscous because it has been dried and pre-steamed. You just have to prepare the couscous for few minutes. It definitely takes a little time for the preparation process. Find facts about cooking here.

Facts about Couscous

Facts about Couscous

Facts about Couscous 9: how to serve couscous

You can serve couscous with potatoes, carrots, or even turnips for the topping.

Facts about Couscous 10: couscous in Libya

If you eat couscous in Libya, it is often served with meat. The people can eat it as a staple food or as a dessert. If you choose the latter one, it can be mixed with pure honey, sesame and dates. Check facts about cotton candy here.

Couscous Image

Couscous Image

Are you impressed after reading facts about couscous?

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