10 Facts about Covalent Bonds

Thursday, April 7th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Covalent Bonds talk about one of the most important types of bonding. Some people also believe that it is the most common bonding. It forms a strong bond between atoms in a molecule. The largest amount of electrons will fill the outermost energy level or Valence Shell.  That’s considered as the main principle of covalent bonds. Here are the other interesting facts about covalent bonds to note:

Facts about Covalent Bonds 1: the definition of covalent bonds

Let’s find out the definition of covalent bond. It is considered as an example of a chemical bond which the atoms share the electron pairs.

Facts about Covalent Bonds 2: sharing the electrons

When the atoms are sharing electrons, it means that they have covalent bonds. You can call the electron pairs as the bonding pairs or shared pairs.

Covalent Bonds Facts

Covalent Bonds Facts

Facts about Covalent Bonds 3: the interactions of covalent bonding

The bent bonds, agnostic interaction and metal to metal bonding are some types of interactions on the covalent bonding.

Facts about Covalent Bonds 4: the word covalence

In 1919, Irving Langmuir introduced the first term of covalent bonding in “The Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Molecules”. It was a journal in American Chemical Society.

Covalent Bond

Covalent Bond

Facts about Covalent Bonds 5: Gilbert N. Lewis

In 1916, Gilbert N. Lewis proposed the idea of covalent bonding before Irving used the term in 1919. Lewis explained that the atoms shared electron pairs in covalent bonding.

Facts about Covalent Bonds 6: the Lewis notation

The description of covalent bonds by Lewis was explained in the Lewis notation. People often call it Lewis dot structure or electron dot notation. The atomic symbols in this structure are surrounded by dots which serve as the symbols for the valence electrons. They are the electrons located at the outer shell. The covalent bonds are represented by the pairs of electrons.

Facts about Covalent Bonds

Facts about Covalent Bonds

Facts about Covalent Bonds 7: the multiple pairs

The triple bonds or even double bonds can be found too if there are multiple pairs of electrons. Check chemistry facts here.

Facts about Covalent Bonds 8: the molecular hydrogen

In 1927, the molecular hydrogen was explained successfully by Walter Heitler and Fritz London using the quantum mechanical idea.

Covalent Bonds

Covalent Bonds

Facts about Covalent Bonds 9: the types of covalent bonds

The types of covalent bonds include sigma bonds and double bonds.  The former one is considered as the strongest one. It is usually a single bond.

Facts about Covalent Bonds 10: the double bond

You can find one sigma and one pi bond on the double bond. Get facts about compounds here.

Covalent Bonds Pictures

Covalent Bonds Pictures

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